Endeavour during flight

The Endeavour was an American orbiter space shuttle which was in service from May 1992 to May 2011.

In Super Turtles Dai Pinchi! Saint Tōjō!, the captain of the Endeavour radios to NASA headquarters to report that there are stars that are completely blinking out of existence. The laid-back operator he reaches at NASA tells him that the captain must have left his glasses back on Earth. This angers the captain, who insists that a crucial, potentially dangerous event is happening before his eyes. Little did the spaceship captain know, however, that there was a certain stupid octopus riding on his hull...

Later, the technician finds the captain's glasses and annoys him with a call bragging over how he was right, but the captain tells him they're his spares.

During the Turtle Saint's chase of Dark Mu, the two buzz the Endeavor out in space, startling the captain and forcing the ship to freak out, itself. After Kris Mu defeats Dark Mu, the Turtles' time as Turtle Saint comes to an end and they separate, but the Endeavour captain rescues them and carries them back to Earth.


  • The Endeavour's name is spelled with a "u" as per British rules, as it is named after the HMS Endeavour, a British ship.
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