The Electro-Grenade was one of Donatello's inventions, first introduced in the 2012 series. The Ninja Turtles would bring these weapons during their missions.


Enemy of My Enemy - Electro-Grenades were used against Shredder.

Newtralized! - Donnie used one in an attempt to cripple a Kraang Walker that the Newtralizer hijacked.

Donatello hits an electro-grenade during his Baseball Bomb attack in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends.


The Electro-Grenade resembled a baseball with some cell batteries and metal wires attached to it.


Like many explosives shown in the series, the Electro-Grenade was designed to explode upon detonation. However, instead of creating a regular explosion, the Electro-Grenade would release a deadly electric field in order to electrocute enemies.

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