El Espíritu de la Tierra is the 25th issue of Las Tortugas Ninja. It is an original tale created by Division Comics.

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At Mount Shasta, a volcanic eruption produces more than the standard ash and lava, when a laughing, malicious entity crawls out.

In New York, Splinter watches April's report on increased volcanic activity. The Ninja Turtles decide to go to the supermarket, offering something for Splinter while there. He declines, but tells them to be careful.

On their way, the Turtles encounter the entity, which calls itself the "Spirit of the Earth". After telling them who they are, the spirit makes fun of their name, angering Raphael. into attacking. Raph disappears into the spirit's trashy body, and then it descends into the water, trapping Raph an attempting to drown him. Donatello dives in after him and Leonardo throws a rope, allowing them to rescue Raph. Michelangelo revives him, but a dazed Raphael confuses him for the "monster" and bops him.

The spirit returns, this time in the form of the water itself, noting that he can take any form that he wants. He taunts the Turtles again, and tells them that he had hoped they'd be allies. Raphael angrily responds that they're the good guys, and the spirit says he'll be off to finish off the planet. Leonardo says they should go tell Splinter.

Splinter tells them a tale of two entities eons ago, which had fought - one of positivity, and one of negativity. Positivity won, and cast the negative one into a volcano. Splinter says that the spirit of the earth must have been that negative force, and the only way to beat it is to find positivity. According to a book he consults, they must go to Mount Shasta.

The Turtles take the Turtle Blimp to the mountain and land in the forest near it. Suddenly, they are ambushed by a large Native American man.

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