El Encuentro de Dos Fuerzas is the 27th issue of Las Tortugas Ninja. It is an original tale created by Division Comics.

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The giant being the Ninja Turtles encountered at the end of the last issue turns out to be a dragon which is up to its chest in fire and coming out of a hole in the ground. Tensions run high, until Kutuk comes in and stops anything bad from happening. Kutuk then drops his Splinter guise, revealing his true form as a small elf-like being, which Michelangelo mocks.

Kutuk acquaints the Turtles with the dragon, who introduces himself as Yang, the very Yang of the yin and yang. Yang transforms back into his true self, a blonde man with a cape and a pornstache. Donatello tells Yang of why they are there, and Yang suddenly rushes off in a hurry, leaving the Turtles and Kutuk to follow.

At the mouth of the cave, Yang finds an gravely injured Yin (who despite her condition, Donatello falls for). Yin tells Yang that Kurko had escaped and destroyed the balance, and it turns out that Kurko is the very earth spirit that had brought the Turtles to Mount Shasta in the first place. Yang explains that they need to beat Kurko, but he is not strong enough as without Yin, Yang cannot exist, and vice versa. While Kutuk takes Yin to sanctuary, Kurko billows out of Mount Shasta and wreaks havoc on the weather.

Raphael asks how they can possibly beat Kurko, as they did naught but tickle him when they fought previously. Yang takes them to the Transmutador Yin-Yang and fuses the four of them together into El Gran Terrapín, a giant turtle wearing a white bandana and joint pads, and with white eyes, and the Transmutador Yin-Yang symbol as a belt buckle.

El Gran Terrapín confronts Kurko, and after a lengthy battle, the giant turtle wins, restoring Yin and Yang to full strength. The two of them separate the Turtles and return them to their beds.

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