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The story begins with the following background: Molly, a young archaeologist, hobby belly dancer and old friend of April O'Neil, was hired by the development company Tech II some time ago to oversee an important project in Egypt. Tech II plans to build modern industrial and vacation-oriented facilities at one point in the desert, but the Egyptian government has imposed conditions on this project to protect the valuable ancient buildings that may be located here; as soon as something of archaeological value is found there, the construction work is forcibly stopped.

One day Molly sends a letter to Northampton in April inviting her friend to Egypt to be the only local reporter to report exclusively on the excavation work. After April enthusiastically made the necessary preparations, she talks to her boss over the phone. The Turtles accompanying her are, of course, worried about their friend and express this with concerns about the Egyptian climate and the lack of modern conveniences; But April is not discouraged and happily sets off for the airport.

A little later, just when April arrived in Egypt, the Tech II construction manager was annoyed by the local helpers, who behaved strangely as if their minds were turned off. Angry about the ongoing delays of the company project, the man doesn't worry about it and is also briefly tied to April when Molly introduces her to him. To get her to think a little different, Molly invites April to a party for the evening, which also includes a belly dance. But in the midst of pleasure, an excited local worker suddenly rushes in; one of his comrades found something in the desert sand a little further out. Molly and April are led to the place where the find turns out to be a scarab with a crest, which Molly cannot identify.

The next day, April and Molly fax a picture of the scarab to the Turtles, requesting that they do some research on it in a particular reference book. The Turtles then enter the underground floor of a library through a secret door in the sewer system and find the book very quickly; but the knowledge they gained from this is worrying. The crest is the personal sign of an ancient Egyptian prince named Aunkamen, an extremely power-hungry individual who would have liked to become a pharaoh. In order to achieve this goal, he even used black magic and psychology, and also made life-forms and non-living objects his slaves. Aunkamen's plans ultimately failed, and he was buried in a grave that has never been found to date. However, his story comes with a dark prophecy that Aunkamen himself wrote: "In the time of the uncovering, I will rule the Earth for a million years of death and destruction" The Turtles conclude that Molly's workers must have come across Aunkamen's tomb, and out of concern for April, they make immediate preparations for a trip to Egypt.

In the meantime, April and Molly personally go to the now open tomb, where Molly asks the guard why no one has told her that the grave was found. However, the guard does not answer the question, but asks the women to enter the crypt with strangely stiff eyes and a low voice. The two women arrive in a chamber, where they find what looks like a jackal-headed statue: but when Molly shines a flashlight on them, this "statue" turns out to be the lively servant of Prince Aunkamen! The Jackal, as he calls himself, as the prince's majordomo, does not waste time explaining to the ladies what lies ahead for them and the rest of humanity - including that they should serve Aunkamen as his queens. April and Molly unequivocally reject this offer, but withdrawal is ruled out when the Jackal brings some stone statues to life in the chamber. After leaving the two women under the supervision of his new assistants, the Jackal leaves the tomb to prepare his master for the way to conquer the Earth.

Meanwhile, the Turtles put their plan for the Egyptian trip into practice by packing themselves up in boxes as expensive Renaissance sculptures and shipping them to an art museum in Cairo. Once there, they scare a few local nomads (figuratively) to death, equip themselves with their robes and weapons and ride on their camels to the workplace. When they arrive at the camp, they find the tents deserted; but at Molly's quarters they come across some notes that draw their attention to the strange behavior of the workers. Suddenly they are attacked by a hypnotized worker who they easily be put out of action, but who also shows them how serious the situation has become. Through binoculars, they see some people appearing to gather at one of the excavation sites and decide to ask them a few questions about April and Molly's whereabouts.

When they get there, however, they find a small group of living mummies next to a hypnotized worker, who want to use their swords to prevent them from entering the tomb they are guarding. The Turtles overwhelm the undead guards and enter the tomb. There, deep inside, the Jackal is preparing to free his master Aunkamen from his sarcophagus when, thanks to his sense of smell, he gets wind of the presence of the Turtles. He promptly enlivens all mummies and statues in the burial chamber with his Karnak wand and sends them after the intruders; but when the Turtles turn the animated guards into dust, he feels compelled to intervene personally. Before he can launch an attack, the Turtles overwhelm him; and when Leonardo smashes the staff, everyone - including the Jackal - is transformed back into inanimate sculptures and corpses.

The Turtles rush deeper into the grave and into the central chamber, where April and Molly are safe and in harem clothing. But then Aunkamen emerges from his sarcophagus and uses his magical powers to enliven the weapons that are lying around in the chamber as supplements. In order to be able to beat him, Donatello instructs Leonardo to distract the undead prince so that he can make his way to one of the main pillars. When he is in position, he draws Aunkamen's attention and makes him attack him. Instead of the evasive turtle, Aunkamen hits the pillar, a central pillar of the crypt, it breaks with his superhuman strength and causes the whole tomb to collapse. While the raining debris buries Aunkamen under them, the Turtles, April and Molly can barely escape from the vault.

Two days later, the Turtles return to America by express delivery and are following April's report on the events in Aunkamen's tomb. Omitting her participation in this story and omitting Aunkamen's reawakening for understandable reasons, April merely reports that the grave collapsed shortly after its discovery, but at least some of Aunkamen's burial objects have been preserved for posterity. And at the end of the report, Molly sends a word of thanks to the Turtles for their help.


  • A second printing of this issue was released in color.
  • Contrary to her version in the main Mirage continuity, April is a reporter here, her job from the 1987 cartoon series.
  • In the second original edition (color version by Bill Fitts) April was given a black skin color for unknown reasons.

Reprint versions

  • Second edition (April 1992; color version with new cover)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics Volume 4 (IDW 2013; color version)

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