Ebrik is the homeworld-dimension where the Warriors and Asgard are located, and where Kirby and Donatello went after going through the portal. This dimension is filled with characters that were created by Kirby himself in his drawings in April O'Neil's basement by using a pink magical crystal that allows his drawings to come to life in the TMNT 2003 series episode, "The King".


Donatello, Kirby and Warriors standing near the pink bridge. And behind them are a sun like star and orange planet

TMNT 2003 TV Series: In this dimension the Black Horde monsters started attacking an area near the pink bridge that is defended by four heroes a.k.a. Warriors who are the only thing stopping these monsters from destroying the floating blue castle of in which are family's and children of theirs. Donatello and Kirby help these warriors finally defeat the Black Horde with Kirbys drawings.


Asgard city behind Kirby and Donny

Don 23-0

Behind Donny is the purple-black sky of the Ebrik dimension with small planets and a sun like star


The architecture of Ebrik and the friendly town shown are strongly inspired by the classic drawings by Jack Kirby, especially his design of Asgard, the home of the comic figure Thor in the Marvel Comics.

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