A free promotional comic printed by Fleetway Publications in order to introduce readers to the world of Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Adventures.

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April O'Neil, ace reporter for Happy Hour News, offers to introduce the reader to the backstory of the Hero Turtles, beginning with the saga of expelled Foot Clan ninja Hamato Yoshi, who due to a twist of fate involving a nasty mutagen, was transformed into a mutant rat. The baby turtles who had fallen into the sewer where he lived were similarly transformed into mutants. The Turtles nicknamed Yoshi "Splinter" and he raised and trained the Turtles.

Cut to their teenage years, when the Turtles find a bunch of punks harassing a playground. They take to battle with the thugs, which spills out into the streets. The criminals attempt to attack April O'Neil and her camera crew, but the Turtles stop them. The mayor of New York City throws a pizza party in the heroes' honor.

April then informs the readers that they can continue reading their adventures with their ongoing comic, and get a free turtle badge with it, which Donatello showcases.

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