"What do you want, radiator face?"
"I do hate to repeat myself. I said it was a lovely night for a picnic."
"This loon wants to eat us!"
— The Turtles and Dragon Lord

East Meets Wast, Part 3
Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation episode
Season Code: S01E03
Episode: 3
Original airdate September 26, 1997
Written by
Producers: Haim Saban
Lance H. Robbins
Rosanne Milliken
David Richardson
Photographed by Henry Chan
Production  Collete Aubin
Episode chronology
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"East Meets West, Part 2" "East Meets West, Part 4"

Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation
September 12, 1997 - October 11, 2003
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  3. East Meets West, Part 3
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  7. All in the Family
  8. Silver and Gold
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  10. Meet Dr. Quease
  11. Windfall
  12. Truce or Consequences
  13. Trusting Dr. Quease
  14. Mutant Reflections
  15. Sewer Crash
  16. Going Ape
  17. Enemy of My Enemy
  18. King Wick
  19. The Good Dragon
  20. The Guest
  21. Like Brothers
  22. Unchain My Heart, Part 1
  23. Unchain My Heart, Part 2
  24. Unchain My Heart, Part 3
  25. Unchain My Heart, Part 4
  26. Who Needs Her

"East Meets Wast, Part 3" is the third episode of the live action series Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, which originally aired on September 26, 1997.


Major Characters

Secondary Characters

Main Locations

  • Shredder's Hideout
  • Turtle Lair

Plot Synopsis

After freeing Splinter, the Turtles decide to celebrate in Central Park. However, the Dragon Lord has broken through to their dimension and seeked refuge in a warehouse. He then seeks out the Turtles at the park, because he believes eating them would make him more powerful. Will he succeed in defeating them?

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