Earth Protection Force 2012

The EPF fights Kraang Prime.

The Earth Protection Force is a global task force under the United States that protects Earth from alien threats.


The Earth Protection Force make their first appearance in The Invasion, Part 2, making a valiant but ineffective effort to stop Kraang Prime and the invasion of the Kraang.

In "Return to New York," it's revealed the EPF soldiers were subdued and controlled by the Kraang, using their Kraang Mind Control Device.

In "Tokka vs The World" following their agreement with the Utroms and with Bishop acting as an ambassador for the Utroms, the EPF have now gained better weaponry and seized Kraang tech from the agreement with the Utroms, including taking over TCRI, allowing them to better handle future threats against the Earth following the invasions by the Kraang and the Triceraton Empire. They first test their new weaponry when Tokka arrived to look for Chompy. However, their commander General Griffen nearly ends the agreement with the Utroms because of Bishop's presumed betrayal with wanting to avoid provoking Tokka when she was only on Earth looking for Chompy and having the EPF attack her in self-defense as well as having EPF scientists nearly dissect Michelangelo.

In the two-part episode, "When Worlds Collide", when the Newtralizer appears, Bishop is tasked by the Utrom High Council to deal with him, agreeing to gather an EPF commando team to deal with the Salamandrian threat. When Bishop and the commando team come across Mona Lisa and Sal Commander, they take them to be allied with Newtralizer and subdue them, but once told that Mona and Sal Commander were the same Salamandrians who helped Bishop and the Utroms in Dimension X by Raphael and Mikey, Bishop has the EPF release them and support them with trying to take down Newtralizer. Later, with the new threat of Lord Vringath Dregg attacking New York City, Bishop summons the EPF to assist with attacking Dregg's command ship. Though the EPF are at first routed by the ship and the Vreen, an effort by the Turtles and all their allies gives the EPF a chance to regroup and resume their attack on Dregg's ship. Their efforts prove successful once Dregg's ship limps and takes off, struggling to escape back into space, only to explode in mid-air, ending the threat of Dregg and Newtralizer for the time being.

In "The Foot Walks Again!", the EPF are targeted by Krang in order to steal a microchip to power up the Technodrome. Bebop and Rocksteady successfully infiltrate the EPF base but they trip an alarm, EPF soldiers are jumping down to take down the 1987 Foot Ninja, Bebop and Rocksteady. One of the foot soldiers stabbed a smoke screen can on one of the EPF officers which allowed Rocksteady to knock them off to their deaths. The EPF was revealed to have allied themselves with the Mighty Mutanimals, they are targeted again at TCRI for Kraang crystals by Bebop and Rocksteady. Mondo Gecko, who got beaten easily notifies the other EPF soldiers that there had been an intrusion so the officers fired at Bebop and Rocksteady. They failed and he crystals had been stolen.

In "The Big Blowout", Krang and Shredder had begun to destroy the world and the Earth Protection Force along with half of the Mutanimals and Turtles to take down the Technodrome before it destroys them all. The EPF and the turtles were successful and celebrate.


All EPF soldiers seen so far wear black bodysuits with helmets to cover their faces. They also wear armor and body padding. They use heavy transports, shoulder-fired missile launchers, and a variety of firearms. After the second invasion of New York, the Kraang-monitored EPF used updated laser-firing human guns and standard Kraang blasters.

Once they become allied with Bishop and the Utrom, the EPF gain access to all of the discarded Kraang equipment and weaponry, retrofitting it with Bishop's Utrom technology to aid them in protecting the Earth from future threats such as Newtralizer and Lord Dregg.

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