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In the IDW continuity, Earth is the planetary setting of most of the story's events. A fictionalization of the real-life Earth, it is the homeworld of the human race, and before that the original homeworld of the ancestors of the Triceraton race. It is also home to a handful of mutants, including Splinter, the Turtles and the Mutanimals among others. A small part of the Earth's surface, Burnow Island in the Atlantic Ocean, is the new home of the last surviving members of the Utrom race after the destruction of their homeworld Utrominon and the defeat of General Krang's Utrom Empire. Since The Trial of Krang, Earth has also been officially declared the one true Triceraton homeworld, with the Neutrino king Zenter opening a path for the Triceraton race to travel there for resettlement.

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