Carter the enforcer 34 - future

Future Earth following Dregg's victory.

The Earth of a future timeline appears in the 1987 TV series episode Carter, the Enforcer.

In this timeline, the planet has been conquered by Dregg, leaving everything in ruins while the Technogang terrorizes those who survived. Dregg has enslaved Humankind, and forces Humans to build spacecraft for him. The Turtles are since long dead, having been murdered by Dregg's robot.

Landor and Merrik travel twenty years back in time to get assistance from the Turtles. After saving the Turtles, the pair accompany them into the future to let them see what the world has become under Dregg's rule. Upon returning to their own time, the Turtles avert this future by helping destroy the robot that was to kill them.

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