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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

E'ro'chk (first introduced as Soowiiksa) is a warrior character appearing in Mirage Volume 4. Leonardo meets and befriends her in the Battle Nexus, along with Jorut and Oroku Yoshi. E'ro'chk ambushes Leo, but soon proves to be a friendly warrior who seeks competition.

In Volume 4 Issue 32, E'ro'chk parts ways with Leo and friends, explaining that she must get home to her wives. This makes E'ro'chk one of the first confirmed LGBT characters in official TMNT works.


  • First appearing in Issue 26, she is first introduced by name as Soowiiksa in Issue 29. But when she parts ways in Issue 32, Leo addresses her as E'ro'chk. According to Ask PL #16, Peter Laird says that the change in name was a mistake, but also adds that conceivably one of the names can be her first name and the other can be her last name (though without saying which name would be which).


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