Dungeonator was a game that was included in the Gaminator prototype. It is first seen in the Fast Forward episode 'The Gaminator'. It was probably the creepiest one, and the first one when the Turtles realised that Viral had put them there to destroy them, sent by Sh'Okanabo.


Dungeonator's features was basically an old, cramped, dungeon - like, castle room. It had a giant cage in it. There wasn't much for the Turtles to see when they were inside the game. Only when a prince walked into the room and said "I must find the princess" and transformed into Viral did then the Turtles realise it was a trap for them.Viral let loose a cage which trapped the TMNT. Viral looked forward to taking them to Sh'Okanabo. When Mikey spotted a glitch, Don realised it was a mistake in the game's programming and it coul be a way to escape. This was set up by Cody and Serling to get the TMNT to escape. The Turtles all jumped in, but Viral followed, and they all went to the Swampinator game.

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