Dumbo cartoon
Biographical information

New York City



Weapon(s) of choice

Chain, Mallet


Gang member


Bebop and Rocksteady's gang

Physical description

Mutant Dog



Hair color


Out of universe information

1987 TV series

First appearance

Turtle Tracks

Teachers and Students
Dumbo was a member of the Punk Gang in the 1987 TV Series.

He remained unnamed in all few of his appearances, and also never spoke. He appeared in Turtle Tracks, under the orders of the Shredder and the leadership of Rocksteady, tried to kill April O'Neil. Eventually, the Turtles showed up and he was thrown to a wall, along with Bebop and defeated. He later reappeared in Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X as an mutant dog, and made one final appearance in Shredder and Splintered, placed behind bars with Scrag, Grunt and Dopey. All four were inside the Technodrome when it was sucked into Dimension X.

He was omitted from several adaptations of Season 1, as he was not present in the Coloring Books or Archie Comics.


  • His name "Dumbo", comes from an official storyboard of Turtle Tracks.
  • Dumbo was the only original Gang member who's human form did not have a cameo appearance in Turtles Forever.
  • Similar to Bebop and Rocksteady, who are both named after musical styles, Dumbo and Dopey share a naming scheme, with both punks having names of characters from early animated Disney films.
  • Until his name was discovered, he was often referred to as "Short Fat Punk" or "Bald Punk" by the community.
  • It's possible that Dumbo, as well as the rest of the punks were to have larger roles in the series but this idea was never materialized.
  • Peter Laird drew sketches of mutant designs, with a dog mutant being apart of them, which makes it possible that Dumbo may have been considered to have a larger role in the series at one point.


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