The Dreggnought

The Dreggnought is a large spacecraft piloted by extraterrestrial  warlord, Dregg, whom it is eponymously named after. It is here that he plans his various plots to conquer the Earth and destroy The Turtles. It appears in the two last seasons (9 and 10) of the 1987—1996 series.

In "Dregg of the Earth" after "helping" the citizens of New York, Dregg got his own tower "Dregg Tower"[1], or was allowed to build one, as the building was one high-tech gig. The Dreggnought was placed on the top of the tower.

The Dreggnought was supposedly destroyed in "Turtles to the Second Power" after Dontallo used Dregg's vortex transporter to transport pieces of the Sun directly inside it. However the spacecraft was seen later again in "Mobster from Dimension X; as it was easily repaired by the microbots of his henchman, Mung.


  • The Dreggnought's appearance seems to be based on the USS Defiant from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.