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Lord Dregg is an alien warlord who became the main villain of the last two seasons (season 9 and 10) of the 87's TV TMNT series after Shredder and Krang were banished to Dimension X. A destined conqueror of the universe, he traveled aboard a large alien spaceship known as the Dreggnaught, and attempted to conquer the planet Earth many times after he first discovered it. However, the Turtles thwarted his every plan, and he despised them for it.

Unlike Shredder and Krang, Dregg has a more serious attitude and never took the time for comedic remarks, which probably made him a more suitable villain for the more serious "Red Sky" episodes of the series.


Lord Dregg first appeared in the first episode of season nine, The Unknown Ninja. Dregg and his army the TechnoGang (a group of bug-like alien soldiers), led by HiTech (also Dregg's assistant), broke into the Federal Reserve Bank and stole the supply of gold to aid in world conquest. Dregg met the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the first time as they, together with their new friend Carter, stopped him.

Dregg reappeared in the next episode "Dregg of the Earth," in which Dregg manipulated the people of Earth. He did so by introducing himself as their savior, demonstrating his goodwill by purifying polluted water. Dazzled by his offer, the people of New York gave him his own structure, the Dregg Tower (actually just a steel structure with the Dreggnaut on top of it). The Turtles set out to expose him, defying his offers to join him and ultimately destroying Dregg Tower.

After that, Lord Dregg launches a propaganda campaign throughout the city, leading the people to believe that the Turtles are dangerous and that they want to prevent Dregg from saving the Earth. Because of this, the Turtles became widely disliked and were frequently chased by police or other authorities. This propaganda campaign lasted throughout the ninth season, finally ending in "Doomquest" when an intergalactic conqueror drives Dregg away from the Earth. His flight led to questions about the "hero" Dregg, and these new suspicions were cemented when April finally convinced the masses of Dregg's true intentions through a secret videotape.

Dregg still planned to conquer Earth, but believed he had to get rid of the Turtles first. To do this, he summoned Shredder and Krang out of Dimension X. Since all three despised the Turtles, Dregg suggests they should work together to destroy their mutual enemy. However, Krang and Shredder had little interest in working with Dregg and soon began plotting against them. With the assistance of some time-displaced versions of themselves, the Turtles successfully thwarted Dregg and exile Krang and Shredder back to Dimension X. Dregg and his new assistant Mung were forced to flee.

Dregg's obsession with stopping the Turtle reached the point of madness in the series finale, Divide and Conquer. He constructed a new device known as the Morphogenesis Exoskeleton and tricked five powerful aliens - all of whom had successfully gone up against the Turtles for a set time limit - into being absorbed by his suit, thus giving him their powers. He set out to destroy the Turtles by any means possible, targeting April as a means of luring them out. While Leonardo and Raphael tried to save their friend, Donatello and Michelangelo set out for the abandoned, wrecked Technodrome in Dimension X, so that they could get Krang's android body.

After returning to Earth, the Turtles - piloting the robot body - seize Dregg with a special martial-arts technique Master Splinter had taught them earlier in the episode, leap out of the android body, and push Dregg and the body through the portal and into Dimension X. The strain of the atoms in the android body caused itself to self-destruct, taking Dregg with it.

After Dregg's defeat, Splinter tells the turtles that they are now fully masters and don't need a guide.


Flamboyant but hardly a farceur, Dregg is one of the Turtles' deadliest opponents.

Being a former galactic overlord, Dregg has great pride in his forces and does not tolerate failure unless it is inevitable, for example, he blasted his loyal minion, Hi Tech out of an airlock for failing minion.

He sees those he does not employ as insects and disposable as such. Though vile and pure evil, Dregg respects bravery and arrogance. He is willing to go to any length to ensure his victories. He has a great talent for acting, given he managed to fool the populace of New York into thinking he was a benevolent alien at first. He is not above hiring mecenaries for ridiculuously high prices or using last ditch efforts to attack the Turtles.

By the end of the Tenth season, Dregg had begun to go insane due to the stress the Turtles constantly cause him by foiling his efforts to rule the earth and kill them. By this point, Dregg is willing to sacrifice his own allies simply for a chance to kill the turtles.

Powers and abilities

Lord Dregg is shown to be one of, if not, the most dangerous villain the Turtles have ever had to contend with. Even during their first few battles there were multiple different occasions where Dregg would have destroyed them if not for Carter interfering. In fact, Carter does a good chunk of the fighting against Dregg, often assisting the Turtles against him.

Around the end of the series, Dregg was actually able to capture the TMNT and defeat them by draining their powers, and at the same time, keeping tabs on Shredder and Krang, the show's previous antagonists.

Dregg is a genius. He is decisive, intelligent, and is very quick with master plans. He's very well experienced in the fields of genetics and mutations. Dregg is also a master strategist, even out smarting the Turtles on certain occasions. In the episode, "Mobsters from Dimension X", he was able to defeat Donatello in a "battle of the minds", showing that he even has a greater focus than the hyper intelligent mutant.

He has control over billions of little robotic bugs called "micro-bots" that can build ANYTHING Dregg wishes.

He can blast lasers from his hands and eyes, as well as use a laser sword. He is a fairly strong and skilled fighter though overall he prefers trickery and strategy over combat. Dregg has used his deceiving skills to steal power from other powerful beings.

In a three part episode, Dregg absorbs the mental and physical strengths of the TMNT and Krang, as well as the Turtles' super mutations, making him the most powerful and intelligent being in the universe at that point.

In the episode, "Divide and Conquer", he used his micro-bots to build a morpho genesis exo skeleton suit, which has the ability to steal and drain life energy from other beings into its possessor. Dregg used this suit to steal the power of five incredibly powerful aliens, and multiplied their combined power a hundredfold, and he became a super being.


Dregg has blue skin and glowing red eyes. His head towers past his forehead in a black brace. He wears a purple suit and cape with a red and orange striped outfit underneath. His eyes glow brighter when he is either delighted or rageful.


  • Dregg's name is a play on the word dreg. This term refers to and is synonymous with sediment, dirt, soiled items,the least valuable parts of a thing, and very vicious persons.
  • Dregg was voiced by the late Tony Jay who also voiced Megavolt. Jay was not only a popular voice actor for children's programming but an accomplished Shakespearean actor of stage and screen. He's noted as a legend in his own right.
  • Along with other characters from the Red Sky series, Dregg never got merchandise based on him.


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