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The Dream Beavers are new characters from Season 3 of the 2012 animated series, a group of four oversized alien beaver creatures (in dreams; they are normal sized in the real world), from another dimension and enemies of the Turtles. The Dream Beavers have the ability to infiltrate other beings' dreams, and they infiltrate the Turtles' dreams in their debut.

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In Dreams

A tribe of oversized alien beavers from another dimension with dream-infiltrating abilities with which they mentally manipulate other people's dreams at will, in order to suck the life energy out of their victims. For millennia the Dream Beavers pursued their prey all over the existence of mankind. Their goal was originally to traverse into the dimension of man, to be able to hunt their prey uninhibited.

Like the Kraang, the Beavers sought to take over Earth after they were brought into the dreams of Earth's people when a physicist named Bernie undertook an experiment forty years ago to prove the existence of a (or the) Dream Dimension. The machine with which he undertook this journey, however, had an error, so that the Dream Beavers were trapped in the Dimension of Dreams. The core of the machine, the Dream Plug, Bernie kept ever since in his book, to prevent penetration of the Beavers into the earthly dimension, Bernie has refused since then to sleep, keeping himself awake for forty years in order to prevent them from getting into his dreams. However, the Beavers could still use their powers to capture other victims close to Bernie, as soon as they fell asleep - which ultimately also happened to the Turtles when Bernie took over a grocery store near their farm. They first appear in "In Dreams", where they infiltrate the dreams of the Turtles and bring their nightmares to life in order to drain their life-force. April uses her powers to enter their dreams in order to get them to wake up. When the Turtles realize that they are in a dream, the Dream Beavers come together to attack them.


Upon learning about them from Bernie, Casey Jones destroys the Dream Plug to bring the Turtles from their nightmare, which not only wakes the Turtles but also frees the Dream Beavers to materialize into the earthly world, who convert into a smaller size, far less powerful and far less scary than in their own realm and are forced to ignominiously return to their own dimension as Bernie finally falls asleep.

Powers and Abilities

The Dream Beavers have unparalleled control over dreams and are able to do virtually anything within the dream world. They were shown to be able to multiply and duplicate not only themselves, but others and were able to warp reality as they saw fit, such as briefly turning the dimension into a Mirage-styled comic book. They were also shown to be able to bestow powers onto others, as seen when Dire beaver gave Leonardo "superpowers". The beavers have also been shown to be able to create life, or at least life-like objects, such as when Dave Beaver gave life to a ball.

Outside of the dream world, the beavers are considerably de-powered, but not completely powerless. They were shown to be able to teleport, though seemed to lack their reality warping capabilities.


  • The Gary Wright song, "Dream Weaver" is credited by Wes Craven as an inspiration for A Nightmare on Elm Street, a film series where Robert Englund (voice of the Dire and Dread Beavers) played Freddy Krueger, a villain who killed people in their dreams.
  • The Dream Beavers resemble the Care Bears as both have symbols on their bellies.
  • The Dream Beavers are reminiscent of the Terror Bears from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness, who were also a dark parody of the Care Bears.
  • A Dire Beaver action figure as well as a Dark Beaver action figure was released by Playmates Toys in 2015.
  • The Dream Beavers' fur colors (blue, purple, red, & orange) are the same as each Turtles' bandanna colors.
  • The way the turtles encountered a different colored beaver is somewhat similar to when they switched weapons with each other. Leonardo meeting the purple beaver may be a nod to when he had Donatello's staff. Raphael meeting the orange beaver may be a nod to when he had Michelangelo's nunchucks. Donatello meeting the red beaver may be a nod to when he had Raphael's sai. Michelangelo meeting the blue beaver may be a nod to when he had Leonardo's swords.
  • The Dream Beavers enter the dreams of man and want to enter into the world of man. Which is the same modus operandi as the Dragon Lord and has Rank Warriors from The Next Mutation.
  • The Dream Beavers are voiced by Robert Englund, who has played Freddy Krueger, and John Kassir, who has played The Cryptkeeper from the Tales From The Crypt television Series. Both Freddy and Cryptkeeper characters are known for their nightmare stories and both characters are known for their undead deadpan often one-liner jokes, as if both characters compliment each other respectively.


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