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Dreadging the Ocean Blue is issue #16 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures, published in January 1991 by Archie Comics.




The turtles and April O'Neil part ways with Jagwar and Dreadmon and leave Brazil's coast in crude improvised boats to travel back to New York City. On their journey, they are kidnapped by Mr. Null's henchmen, who take them to an underwater base. Once in captivity, they also meet Ray Fillet along with Ray's Glublub friend Bubbla; Ray has been trying to protect the ocean-dwelling Glublubs from pollution caused by Null's projects. While trying to escape, a fight breaks out with Null's henchmen, and a stray shot from Kid Terra's gun shoots and tragically kills Bubbla. The group is carried by sea turtles back to shore, where Ray buries Bubbla on the beach.


  • Raphael permanently modifies his black full-body outfit for the first time since issue #10: Going Down?. When the group reaches the coast, Raph goes topless without a bandana, still wearing the bottoms. Raph had temporarily removed his top in the previous issue #14: The Howling of Distant Shadows, but in this issue he does not put it back on again.
  • This marks the first time in-comic when Man Ray is also referred to as "Ray Fillet," which he says is a name others know him by.


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