Baron Draxum
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Barry Draxum


Boss (by Huginn and Muninn)
Mr. Sheep (by Michelangelo)
Sheep Creep (by Raphael)
Baron Sheep Man (by April O'Neil)
Draxy (by Big Mama and April O'Neil)
Draxibald (by Michelangelo)
Axum-dre by Michelangelo
Teddy Barry (by Michelangelo)


Portal creation

Weapon(s) of choice

Mystic vines


Self-proclaimed protector of all mutant-kind
Evil League of Mutants founder (formerly)
Foot Clan leader (formerly)
High school cafeteria worker (currently)


Raphael (mutation son)
Leonardo (mutation son)
Donatello (mutation son)
Michelangelo (mutation son)

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6' 8"[3]



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John Cena (season 1)
Roger Craig Smith (season 2)

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In Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Baron Draxum was the main antagonist of the first season. He wished to take over the Earth's surface for the Yōkai by creating a mutant army from ordinary animals and mutate all humans with mosquito-like creatures called Oozesquitoes.

Physical Appearance

Baron Draxum is a caprid Yōkai with long straight maroon hair, bright orange sclerae, teal cloven hooves, and a large, muscular figure. He wears a dark teal bodysuit (with a black collar and legs) with teal spots on his sleeves. He wears a breastplate and a large black and teal belt with gold trim and a dark teal loincloth. He wears spiked gauntlets with gold trim and attached to the back of his belt is a teal train. He also wears a gold mask with a turquoise face panel and a pair of gold horns with geometric engravings on them.

Without his mask and bodysuit, Draxum has caprid ears, a dark purple nose, maroon mutton chop sideburns (initially), and orange eyes. He has a dark pink body and dark purple cloven hooves.

Draxum's season 2 appearance debuts in "Hidden City's Most Wanted". He styles his hair half up in a bun and is clean-shaven. He wears a white kimono-like garment with teal and turquoise trim and blue-green pauldrons. He also wears a black hair tie.


Draxum is a visionary with eccentric ambition and he takes himself and his work seriously. He has a confidence that teeters into arrogance, referring to himself as "the great Baron Draxum" and expecting near reverence from others. He is so loyal to his own ideas that he is willing to conduct outlawed science and kill his own meddling creations to realize them.

Draxum can be cruel and deceptive. He lies to both Warren Stone and Hypno-Potamus and plays them against each other in order to possess a mystic gauntlet in "Warren & Hypno, Sitting in a Tree" and to Splinter about the state of the Turtles in "End Game". Despite his cunning and because of his warrior identity, Draxum often utilizes violence and brute force to achieve his goals.

His care for Yōkai comes at the cost of Draxum resenting humans and wanting to be rid of them to make it acceptable for Yōkai to live on the surface. He has a self-righteous air in this way.

Draxum's impatient streak is spurred by his high value for efficiency and sense of entitlement such as in "How to Make Enemies and Bend People to Your Will" where he refuses to stand in line to order at a café. He is also theatrical, shown in his dark manner of speech, wardrobe, vast laboratory and castle, and overall dramatic posing.

Due to his pride, it is hard for Draxum to admit he is wrong and to any wrongdoing he may have committed. He often rejects support from others because he thinks he is too good for it such as in "Repairin' the Baron" when Draxum vehemently asserts that he doesn't need Michelangelo's help despite clearly benefiting from it. When he does require help from others, he prefers to order those helping him around.

Draxum makes efforts to maintain an intimidating image thus he is not known for tenderness and is usually physically distant.


More than a decade before the start of the series, Draxum discovered a prophecy that foretold the destruction of the Yōkai at the hands of humanity. Desperate to protect the Yōkai, Draxum implored the Council of Heads repeatedly to take preventative measures against the prophecy and neutralize the danger humans posed in some way while at the same time devising his own methods of prevention through alchemy and mutation experiments. However, the Council disagreed with Draxum's interpretation of the prophecy. They disbelieved humanity was the threat the prophecy described and thus refused to do anything involving humans. Frustrated with the Council of Heads' lack of action, Draxum decided to develop a plan to avert the fulfillment of the prophecy on his own, even if it violated Hidden City law.

Draxum eventually formulated ooze to create an army of mutants that would fight humanity on behalf of the Yōkai, but he sought to find a source of DNA to give his army great fighting abilities to do so. He came across Battle Nexus champion Lou Jitsu approximately 13 years prior to the start of the series and hired Huginn and Muninn as his henchmen to bring him to his laboratory, a task in which they succeeded. Draxum then mutated four different species of turtle using Lou Jitsu's DNA and his ooze, creating the Turtles. However, Huginn and Muninn soon after their mutation destroyed his laboratory and consequently all of Draxum's work. Draxum went on to assume that the Turtles had died in the fire and remade everything that had been destroyed.

Draxum debuted in "Mystic Mayhem". He was about to finalize his recreated ooze when Agent 64 stole its final ingredient. Draxum sent his hired guardsmen Garm and Freki to pursue him and they captured Agent 64 and reunited Draxum with his vial. Draxum added the activator to his ooze, feeding it to his Oozesquitoes, and tested it on a human named Stewart. The experiment was a success, however, his plans were interrupted by the Turtles and April O'Neil, who fought Draxum and his minions to rescue Agent 64. Draxum was able to defeat all five of them, but after Mikey destabilized the main machine with his mystic kusari-fundo, his laboratory began to explode. Draxum was crushed below a large piece of rubble as his laboratory collapsed, unable to escape. However, the Mad Dogs accidentally released his Oozesquitoes onto the surface where they then began to mutate humans.

Draxum reappeared in "Bug Busters". Having recovered from the destruction of his laboratory, he broke into Big Mama's Grand Nexus Hotel office after he was informed by Huginn and Muninn that the Turtles were capturing his Oozesquitoes for Big Mama's use. Furious that his Oozesquitoes had been stolen, he fought Big Mama and was able to reclaim them from her and left her hotel to release them back into New York. However, Draxum was followed by Raphael and Leonardo who struggled to capture the Oozesquitoes for themselves. Draxum managed to seize Leo and revealed that he was the Turtles' creator. He used the threat of dropping him off the roof of the Grand Nexus Hotel as leverage against Raph to encourage him to relinquish the Oozesquitoes to him and when Raph doubted his resolve, he released Leo and took his Oozesquitoes from Raph while he dove to save Leo. Draxum re-released them into New York and teleported back to his laboratory where he then realized he needed to somehow free himself from the Turtles' meddling.

Draxum, having been thwarted again and angered by his creations' continued defiance, created the Evil League of Mutants (consisting of Meat Sweats, Hypno, Repo Mantis, Warren, and the Sando Brothers) in "The Evil League of Mutants" to kill the Turtles. During the recruitment meeting, Draxum informed the League about his history with the Turtles. He later lured the Turtles to a New Jersey warehouse with promises of a magician's performance and after unveiling his ruse, he gave the Turtles a chance to join his cause, an offer they adamantly refused. A battle between the League and the Turtles then ensued and after the Turtles defeated every other League member, Draxum revealed that he used Lou Jitsu's DNA to create them. His hope the information would finally sway the Turtles to his side was quickly dashed and he aimed to kill them, but was forcibly drawn through a portal before he could by Foot Lieutenant and Foot Brute. Having a common enemy in the Turtles, Draxum allied with the Foot Clan and agreed to complete the Kuroi Yōroi with them, told he would be given the armor to wear once it was assembled.

In "Shadow of Evil", Draxum uncovered a piece of the Kuroi Yōroi from Middle Park Zoo with the aid of Huginn and Muninn and didn't engage with the Turtles in a fight, teleporting elsewhere. Later that night, he stole a Kuroi Yōroi fragment from April after she tried to escape with it on a subway per Splinter's instructions. Draxum captured April and met the Foot Clan at the station where they faced the Turtles. He unmasked Splinter, who was undercover as a Foot recruit, after hearing the Turtles refer to him as their father, but refused to believe that Splinter was Lou Jitsu until he recognized Lou Jitsu's signature tenacity in Splinter. Soon after, the Mad Dogs attacked the Foot's origami ninjas and Draxum was struck by Raph's Power Smash Jutsu, losing his grip on his Kuroi Yōroi shard. Draxum and the Foot were able to add the repaired piece to their armor collection at the Foot Shack after Splinter and the Mad Dogs made a sudden retreat.

Draxum became frustrated with his low rank in the Foot in "How to Make Enemies and Bend People to Your Will" and desired to become the clan's leader. He was partnered with Foot Recruit who shared a similar strife to make a coffee run for the Foot to advance his rank. He used his golem to retrieve the order instead of waiting in line and upon returning to the Foot Shack, Draxum and Foot Recruit were assigned to lookout support duty for the Foot's Kuroi Yōroi retrieval mission later that night at a New York botanical garden. Hoping their initiative would impress Foot Lieutenant and Foot Brute, Draxum and Foot Recruit investigated the activity inside the garden's greenhouse and discovered the Turtles. He left Foot Recruit to harass the Turtles and activated the garden's security alarm to sabotage the success of the mission after Foot Recruit stated that one can only become leader of the Foot Clan by succeeding where the leaders have failed. Draxum wielded Oozesquitoes to escalate the battle between the Turtles, the Foot, and the Botanical Gardens Security Force Alpha by mutating groundskeeper Harold. He and Foot Recruit used the distraction to seize the armor shard before the rest of the Foot could and upon returning to the Foot Shack, Draxum promoted himself to clan leader, relegating Foot Recruit to his assistant rather than his partner.

Draxum broke into Hypno and Warren's apartment to seize Warren's gauntlet as it truly belonged to the Kuroi Yōroi in "Warren & Hypno, Sitting in a Tree". He fought them on the New York streets and captured Hypno using his vines. After Warren escaped in the Turtle Tank with the Turtles, Draxum had Huginn and Muninn write message to him promising Hypno's safe release exchange for the gauntlet. Draxum met Warren at a shipyard and accepted Warren's revision of the deal to trade the Mad Dogs for Hypno instead of the gauntlet and Draxum released Hypno. However, Draxum had told Hypno ahead of time that unless he got Warren to give up the gauntlet he would kill him and Hypno used his "Mezmer-roo" spell against Warren. But Draxum reneged on the deal and sought to saw off Warren's arm to take the gauntlet. His attempt was foiled by the newly allied Hypno and the Mad Dogs and they fought to take Warren from one another until April freed him from Draxum and his henchmen's grasp by cutting his arm off. Draxum then teleported away with the gauntlet in his possession.

Draxum was preparing to don the nearly fully assembled Kuroi Yōroi at the Foot Shack in "Insane in the Mama Train" and he later traveled with the Foot to Big Mama's train station to transport the armor to the Shredder's shrine. While waiting for the Foot soldiers to board the armor, he was confronted by Big Mama who threatened to pull her aid unless he told her what he and the Foot were transporting on her train. Draxum refused to tell her and gave her a mystic orb to appease her. He later captured the Mad Dogs when they arrived at the Kuroi Yōroi's car.

Draxum teleported April back to New York City in "End Game" and upon arriving at the Shredder's shrine soaked in the armor's mystic energy to ready his body to wear it. Splinter arrived alongside April at the shrine and Draxum fought him, refusing to release the Turtles from their captivity unless Splinter relinquished Skully, the final piece of the Kuroi Yōroi. This forced Splinter to give it up by using Leo’s mystic ōdachi to make a portal and grab the piece from the lair. Right as the Turtles arrived on the scene, Draxum added the last piece to the armor, donning it so that he could be powerful enough to conquer the surface. He left the shrine and emerged at a baseball stadium where he began his assault on humans, but he was defeated when April hit a baseball into the Jupiter Jim action figure lodged in the back of the helmet, causing the armor to finally function as intended and feed on nearly all of Draxum's life force and expel him from the armor.

In "Many Unhappy Returns", Draxum, having realized the Foot betrayed him and effectively ousted from the clan, fled from the baseball stadium with what little strength he had left through a portal.

Following losing the Kuroi Yōroi, Draxum was on the streets of New York City alone, destitute, and almost powerless. The Council of Heads had criminally convicted Draxum due to what he did with the Kuroi Yōroi, making him unable to return to the Hidden City without risking imprisonment. Mikey found him at some point and helped him heal from the Kuroi Yōroi and set him up with the apartment above April's, trying to inspire Draxum to become a good person. Raph and April found out about his residence in "Repairin' the Baron" and objected to it. Draxum had dinner but after a dinner with Donatello, Leo, and Splinter, and watching Draxum perform his first act of selflessness in saving some humans, they began to accept him. Needing a creative outlet, Draxum was given a job at April's high school as a cafeteria worker.

Draxum was called by Donnie to advise the Mad Dogs on how to reverse the spell of the Arch of Aquinnah in "Air Turtle" after the basketball team Leo was working for as a mascot were altered into demons by it and Draxum informed them that they needed to defeat them in a basketball game.

Draxum was visited by lunchroom superintendent Vivian Slopworth in "Mystery Meat". His work performance was to be inspected by her with the prize of being crowned Lunchperson of the Month if it went well. However, Draxum's approach to serving lunch was quite unconventional, relying heavily on mystic powers, and he worked with April to fix his presentation. An Oozesquito he held in the school's kitchen was accidentally released and in an attempt to prevent Vivian from getting mutated by it he confined it into a pot of sloppy joe, inadvertently creating Sloppy Joseph. Sloppy Joseph was loose in the school pursued by April and Mikey while Draxum distracted Vivian, but when Draxum was about to receive his Lunchperson of the Month award, Sloppy Joseph crashed the ceremony, having grown gigantic. He ate everyone in the room, but Draxum managed to escape, free everyone from Sloppy Joseph, and kill him. Draxum's award was revoked, but he was uplifted by his fellow cafeteria workers in the district. He vowed to not use mystic powers on the surface and cared for Sloppy Joseph who had survived Draxum's attack.

Draxum toured the Hidden City cloaked as a teddy bear upon Mikey's invitation in "Hidden City's Most Wanted". However, Splinter was also there with Mikey and Draxum spent the majority of the outing antagonizing Splinter. After stopping at a fountain, Splinter threatened to remove Draxum's cloaking brooch if he continued to snark, but Draxum was unintimidated and an argument ensued. Splinter allowed a Hidden City police officer to take Draxum to his home after he expressed his interest in the teddy bear where he was gifted to the officer's child Heather. Draxum was tortured by her until nightfall where he was rescued by Splinter after Heather had fallen asleep. They were discovered by the police officer in the middle of their escape and his anti-mystic device disabled Leo's ōdachi and Draxum's cloaking brooch, exposing Draxum's true form. Draxum then fled from the officer's house with Splinter and Mikey and hid inside a dumpster while the Hidden City police searched for him where he argued with Splinter about their current plight and their past. Eventually, Draxum managed to apologize to Splinter for exploiting him for his experiment. He then confronted the police to allow Splinter and Mikey to escape, but was arrested and jailed.

Draxum was rescued from Hidden City jail by Mikey and Splinter alongside the other Mad Dogs in "Bad Hair Day".

Draxum was to participate in a New York scavenger hunt with Splinter and the Mad Dogs in "Battle Nexus: New York", but was transported into Big Mama's mystic orb like the rest of the New York City population. He quickly saw through the orb's summer illusion and tried to convince the other abductees that it wasn't real. After showing Todd Capybara, Foot Recruit, April, and Splinter that the Turtles were currently in a Battle Nexus match outside of the orb, he worked to escape it with April, Splinter, and Foot Recruit. Their escape allowed them to aid the Turtles in their battle against Big Mama and Shadow Fiend to secure the orb. When Draxum was passed the orb, he had Splinter, Foot Recruit, and the Mad Dogs distract Shadow Fiend while he tried to unlock it, fleeing into Big Mama's Grand Nexus Hotel. However, Shadow Fiend caught up to him and Draxum barely managed to stop him from punching him, but was still forced to the top floor of the hotel. At the top, Draxum fended off Big Mama by crushing her with a pillar and was saved from Shadow Fiend by the Mad Dogs' Mystic Hot Soup Hibernator technique. When Foot Recruit stole Big Mama's mystic ring to make the Shredder kill everyone else in the room, Draxum escaped through a portal drawn by Splinter with Leo's ōdachi.

Draxum conducted a mystic ritual at the lair to transport the Turtles into Splinter's memory to recall Hamato Sho's instructions on eliminating the Shredder in "Finale Part 1: E-Turtle Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". He inserted April into Splinter's mind to rescue the Turtles once they were overpowered by Splinter's protective subconscious and after learning the weapon needed to defeat the Shredder was located in the Twilight Realm, Draxum accessed it to allow Splinter and the Mad Dogs to retrieve it.

Draxum and April tried to find a way to seal the cracking mystic orb to prevent the New York City citizens from emerging from it in "Finale Part 2: Shreddy or Not". Once the lair was invaded by the Foot, he ordered April to leave with the orb and fought alongside Splinter against Foot Lieutenant, Foot Brute, and Foot Recruit and eventually restrained all three of them. He tried to stall the Shredder with Splinter in a battle to allow Turtles to flee to safety in the Turtle Tank, but was taken captive by the Shredder.

In "Finale Part 3: Anatawa Hitorijanai" Draxum lead the Foot to his laboratory after learning the Shredder needed Empyrean to harvest Splinter's Hamato essence, promising to share his store of Empyrean with him. Upon arriving, Draxum dropped the act, realizing that the prophecy he worried about had not been declaring humanity as the threat to Yōkai, but the Shredder. He then attacked the Foot with his golem to create an opening to escape with Splinter, but their efforts were impeded by the Shredder and Draxum was forced to truly lead the Shredder to Empyrean to stop him from hurting Splinter.

Draxum was bound by the Shredder in "Finale Part 4: Rise" as he accessed the Crying Titan's Empyrean and was unable to stop him from withdrawing Splinter's Hamato essence. The Shredder then decided to kill Draxum without a use for him anymore, but he was saved by Raph. After Splinter's Hamato energy returned to his body, Draxum was relieved of his restraints and with the combined effort of the Hamato Clan, destroyed the Kuroi Yōroi. Afterward, he returned to New York City with Splinter and the Mad Dogs and released the city's population from the mystic orb.


An alchemist warrior mutant from the Hidden City, Baron Draxum is the self-proclaimed protector of all mutant-kind. Baron Draxum plans to mutate all of humanity with his insect-like creatures called Oozesquitoes!


  • Chlorokinesis: Draxum's mystic powers allow him to use hand-held activator cells of varying properties to rapidly grow vines and wield a glue-like substance to wholly restrict his opponent's movement when hit with it. However, Draxum is not beholden to using activator cells, able harness these abilities without them as long as they are mystic plants summoned himself.
    • Vine manipulation: Draxum can masterfully choreograph several mystic vines at once to weaponize them, provide him with increased mobility and sight, and grapple and capture objects/opponents. Draxum can also dictate the size of his vines from pencil-thin to gigantic and any size in between.
    • Organic constructs: Draxum can fashion himself armor such as gauntlets out of plant-like substances for elevated defense and manipulate their form into a saber shape to be used offensively. His organic gauntlets also magnify the power behind Draxum's strikes, shown to be capable of creating large craters in the ground while wearing them. He can also create organic creatures to carry out tasks as shown in "Warren & Hypno, Sitting in a Tree".
  • Golem creation: Using activator cells, Draxum can summon gigantic golems to obey him as seen in "Mystic Mayhem" and "How to Make Enemies and Bend People to Your Will".
  • Portal creation: Draxum can create portals to teleport from one location to another.
  • Telekinesis: Draxum has been shown capable of mentally manipulating objects: cups in the "Evil League of Mutants", bricks in "Warren & Hypno, Sitting in a Tree", and a pillar in Battle Nexus: New York". However, this ability seems to be somewhat petty as Draxum struggled to manipulate the pillar.
  • Genius intellect: Draxum has an exceptionally high level of intelligence. His ability to analyze subjects and concentrate allow him to invent solutions at an enhanced degree and he possesses a high capacity for learning shown in his wealth of knowledge in mystic powers and science.
    • Alchemy: Draxum has acquired considerable knowledge in alchemy, creating his own strain of ooze to mutate animals and humans from their original state that is capable of heightening their previous abilities and bestowing them new ones.
  • Strength: Draxum has exhibited remarkable physical strength.
  • Speed: Draxum possesses notable speed and has even been shown to be able to keep up with Splinter's exceptional burst of speed in their attack on the Shredder in "Shreddy or Not".
  • Agility: Draxum is quite agile, able to easily reorient his body after being struck by Big Mama's powerful strikes in "Bug Busters" and evade Splinter's attacks in "End Game".
  • Durability: Draxum has heightened durability allowing him to withstand being crushed under a large piece of rubble in "Mystic Mayhem" and quickly recover from being forced through multiple floors of a building in "Battle Nexus: New York".
  • Singing: Draxum explained his history with Lou Jitsu and the Turtles to his Evil League of Mutants through "Todd's Lemonade" in "The Evil League of Mutants".



  • Michelangelo: It was because of Mikey's compassion that Draxum was able to regain his mystic powers and have a life outside of the Hidden City. He begrudgingly accepted Mikey's help at first, but took more influence from him over time. Draxum now holds affection for Mikey and considers him to be his son as much as Mikey considers Draxum to be his father. He prevents Mikey and Splinter from being arrested in "Hidden City's Most Wanted", going to jail himself instead.
  • Donatello: Draxum doesn't have a close relationship with Donnie as he seemingly still hasn't forgiven Draxum for his past behavior or warmed up to him much. Although by the episode "Air Turtle", Donnie trusts Draxum enough to seek his counsel after Leo's foolhardy dabbling into mystic power transforms the members of a failing basketball team into mystic monsters.
  • Leonardo: Draxum's relationship with Leo is strained and distant as Leo resents Draxum for throwing him off a roof in "Bug Busters". Draxum scolds him in "Air Turtle" for using dangerous mystic magic. Draxum, with his vast knowledge on mystic powers, then tells Leo and the other Mad Dogs how to solve the problem.
  • Raphael: Raph accepts Draxum as part of his family, saying as much when he and the rest of the his family combine their power to save Draxum from the Shredder in "Battle Nexus: New York".

Friends and Allies

  • Huginn & Muninn: Huginn and Muninn are Draxum's former minions. He was initially skeptical of their competence due to their size, but ended up impressed by their work and hired them. Despite this, Draxum is often rude to them, insulting them and having little tolerance for their lighthearted natures. Once Draxum became a fugitive in season 2, he lost contact with Huginn and Muninn and hasn't seen them since.
  • Todd Capybara: Todd was a member of Draxum's Evil League of Mutants although he wasn't aware that Huginn and Muninn recruited him until the recruitment meeting and Draxum enjoyed his lemonade. He encountered Todd again in "Battle Nexus: New York", recognizing him from the taste of his lemonade.
  • April O'Neil: Draxum and April were enemies throughout the first season before becoming allies in early season 2. In "Repairin' the Baron", Draxum moved in as her upstairs neighbor and was hired as her high school's cafeteria cook. Over time, Draxum and April became unlikely friends and he came to care about April's well-being and tries to protect her from harm. Draxum usually calls her "O'Neil".
  • Sloppy Joseph: Draxum accidentally created Sloppy Joseph in "Mystery Meat" when he trapped an Oozesquito in a pot to prevent Vivian Slopworth from seeing it or getting mutated by it. The Oozesquito injected ooze into the sloppy joe held inside, consequently birthing Sloppy Joseph. Draxum, angered by Sloppy Joseph eating his fish stick statue and other people, defeated him, reducing him to a small, infant-like state. Without telling April or Mikey, Draxum kept now-essentially-harmless Sloppy Joseph and is now affectionate towards him and takes care of him, careful not let him grow too powerful.
  • Hamato Yoshi / Lou Jitsu / Splinter: Draxum first saw Lou Jitsu while he was fighting in the Battle Nexus. After coming to notice how skilled he was in fighting, he intended to use Lou Jitsu's DNA to create a powerful army of mutants. However, he escaped Draxum's laboratory after he and the Turtles were mutated. Draxum admires Lou Jitsu's combat abilities and physical prowess, but after the two met again in "Shadow of Evil" they held a mutual disdain for one another. Since Mikey started helping out Draxum, he and Splinter came under an uneasy détente. Later, Draxum apologized for what he did to Splinter and showed a desire to be a regular part of the Turtles' lives. By the series finale, Draxum and Splinter have come to treat each other more respectfully and accept one another as the Turtles' father.
  • Cassandra Jones / Foot Recruit: Draxum temporarily allied himself with Foot Recruit in "How to Make Enemies and Bend People to Your Will" as both sought to rise within the Foot Clan's ranks, but Draxum abruptly stopped helping Foot Recruit once he had risen to Foot Clan leader, much to her disappointment. They briefly cooperated again in "Battle Nexus: New York" in their struggle against Big Mama and her Shadow Fiend, but this changed when Foot Recruit discovered that the Shadow Fiend was, in fact, the Shredder under Big Mama's mind control, and her goals no longer aligned with those of Draxum, Splinter or the Mad Dogs; at this point, though, they did not become enemies. That wouldn't happen until "Shreddy or Not", when the cursed Oroku Saki's mind was restored within the Shredder for the first time in 500 years, and he directed his Foot Clan to attack his mortal enemies the Hamato Clan at their lair; Foot Recruit was part of the assault team, and Splinter and Draxum fought to give their sons a chance to escape. Draxum and Foot Recruit finally became decisive allies again in the finale, "Rise", when Foot Recruit turned against the Shredder to protect Splinter, and Draxum and Foot Recruit cooperated with the combined Hamato Clan to destroy the Shredder for good.


  • Mayhem: Mayhem was ordered by the Council of Heads to survey Draxum for his suspicious behavior. Draxum's vial of Empyrean was stolen from him by Mayhem, leading to the events of "Mystic Mayhem".
  • Big Mama: Draxum strongly dislikes Big Mama and considers her prized Battle Nexus to be vacuous, but little is known about their history beyond that. In "Battle Nexus: New York" Draxum had to try to free the people of New York City from the same mystic orb that he had ironically given Big Mama during their past brief alliance.
  • Warren Stone: Draxum initially allowed Warren to join his Evil League of Mutants despite his lack of an invite, but they became enemies in "Warren & Hypno, Sitting in a Tree" when Draxum tried to steal his gauntlet from him.
  • Mezmer-Ron /Hypno-Potamus: Draxum recruited Hypno to be a member of his Evil League of Mutants, but later became enemies when he held him captive to prompt Warren to give him his gauntlet in "Warren & Hypno, Sitting in a Tree".
  • The Foot Clan: Draxum allied with the Foot Clan to rebuild the Kuroi Yōroi and defeat the Turtles. It was later revealed they were just using him all along and betrayed him to empower the Shredder where Draxum then was expelled from their ranks.
    • Foot Lieutenant: Draxum holds no fondness for Foot Lieutenant and barely tolerated being lead by him.
    • Foot Brute: Draxum holds no fondness for Foot Brute and barely tolerated being lead by him.
    • Oroku Saki / The Shredder: Draxum never intended to raise the Shredder as he was under the impression that he himself would wield the Kuroi Yōroi to fulfill his own agenda. His life force was stolen by the Shredder in "End Game", severely weakening him and leading Draxum to fear him. Draxum pretended to ally himself with the Shredder in "Anatawa Hitorijanai" to make escape from him with Splinter, betraying him when he realized that it was he who was the threat to the Yōkai and not humanity as he previously thought. He was nearly killed by the Shredder in "Rise" after he concluded he had no use for Draxum anymore, but was saved by Raph.
  • Guardsmen: Prior to the start of the series, Draxum hired bounty hunters Garm and Freki to hunt down Mayhem after he was discovered spying on and stealing from him. However, their employment by Draxum ended in season 2, where they were instead enlisted by the Council of Heads to find Draxum and arrest him for his crimes. They confronted Draxum in Albearto Land and demanded his cooperation, but Raph and Mikey were able to neutralize them as a threat.
  • Vivian Slopworth: Draxum was given a career performance check by Vivian and he tried very hard to impress her and respected her status as lunchroom superintendent, calling her "your excellency". With April and Mikey's help, he was able to satisfy Vivian's expectations and was awarded the Lunch Person of the Year trophy. However, after Draxum's fight against Sloppy Joseph during the ceremony, Vivian confiscated his award, much to Draxum's disappointment.
  • Heather: Draxum was given to Heather as a toy when he was cloaked as a teddy bear in "Hidden City's Most Wanted" and was repeatedly electrocuted by her as she played with him.



  • Draxum is the second villain to be the main antagonist of a TMNT TV series instead of the Shredder.
  • Although Draxum's official bio refers to him as being a mutant, he is confirmed to be a Yōkai.
  • Draxum is very skilled at playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.[4]
  • It was revealed in August 2020 by Rise of the TMNT writer Russ Carney in a Tweet that Draxum may be "a couple hundred years old".[5]
  • It was always planned by Rise of the TMNT co-executive producers Andy Suriano and Ant Ward that Draxum would become an ally of the Mad Dogs after donning the Kuroi Yōroi.[6][7]
    • However, it was revealed in December 2020 by Rise of the TMNT writer Ron Corcillo in a Tweet that, "But how [Draxum becoming an ally] played out definitely developed over time, especially his relationship with Splinter. [Andy Suriano] was a big advocate of the 2 dads dynamic that played so well.".[7]