Baron Draxum
Biographical information

A laboratory in the Hidden City (formerly)
An apartment in New York City (currently)


Barry Draxum


Mr. Goat
Sheep Man
Sheep Creep (by Raphael)
Warring Warrior Scientist (by Huginn, Muninn, the Evil League of Mutants, and the Foot Lieutenant)
Draxy (by Big Mama and April O'Neil)
Draxibald (by Michelangelo)
Teddy Barry (by Michelangelo)


Alchemical knowledge
Enhanced strength
Enhanced speed
Portal creation

Weapon(s) of choice

Mystic vines


Self-proclaimed protector of all Yōkai
Leader and founding member of the Evil League of Mutants (formerly)
Leader of the Foot Clan (formerly)
High school cafeteria worker (currently)
Second father to the Turtles


Evil League of Mutants (formerly)
Foot Clan (formerly)
Hamato Clan (currently)
April O'Neil's high school (currently)


Raphael (mutation son)
Leonardo (mutation son)
Donatello (mutation son)
Michelangelo (mutation son)

Physical description

6' 8"



Eye color


Out of universe information
First appearance
Voiced by

John Cena (season 1)
Roger Craig Smith (season 2)

Teachers and Students

Baron Draxum was the main antagonist in the first season of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He wished to take over the Earth's surface for the Yōkai by creating a mutant army from ordinary animals and mutate all humans with mosquito-like creatures called oozesquitoes.

In "How to Make Enemies and Bend People to Your Will", he became the Foot Clan leader until his life force was stolen by the Kuroi Yōroi in "End Game". In the second season, Draxum, expelled from the Foot Clan, became a fugitive in the Hidden City due to his criminal conviction.

It forced Draxum to flee to New York City where Michelangelo helped him regain a better quality of life and corralled the rest of the Mad Dogs, including Splinter, into also helping. In time, he became an ally to the Hamato Clan and someone who is learning to embrace his better nature and being a father for the Turtles.

Physical Appearance

Baron Draxum is a caprid Yōkai with long straight maroon hair, bright orange sclerae, teal cloven hooves, and a large, muscular figure. He wears a dark teal bodysuit (with a black collar and legs) with teal spots on his sleeves. He wears a breastplate and a large black and teal belt with gold trim and a dark teal loincloth. He wears spiked gauntlets with gold trim and attached to the back of his belt is a teal train. He also wears a gold mask with a turquoise face panel and a pair of gold horns with geometric engravings on them.

Without his mask and bodysuit, Draxum has caprid ears, a dark purple nose, thick black eyebrows, maroon mutton chop sideburns (initially), and orange eyes. He has a dark pink body and dark purple cloven hooves.

Draxum's season 2 appearance debuts in "Hidden City's Most Wanted". He wears a white kimono-like garment with teal and turquoise trim and blue-green shoulder pads. He also styles his hair half up into a bun, tied back with a black hair tie, and is clean-shaven.


Draxum is a visionary with eccentric ambition and he takes himself and his work seriously. He has a confidence that teeters into arrogance, referring to himself as "the great Baron Draxum" and expecting near reverence from others. He is so loyal to his own ideas that he is willing to conduct outlawed science and kill his own meddling creations to realize them.

Draxum can be cruel and deceptive. He lies to both Warren Stone and Hypno-Potamus and plays them against each other in order to possess a mystic gauntlet in "Warren & Hypno, Sitting in a Tree" and to Splinter about the state of the Turtles in "End Game". Despite his cunning and because of his warrior identity, Draxum often utilizes violence and brute force to achieve his goals.

His care for Yōkai comes at the cost of Draxum resenting humans and wanting to be rid of them to make it acceptable for Yōkai to live on the surface. He has a self-righteous air in this way.

Draxum's impatient streak is spurred by his high value for efficiency and sense of entitlement such as in "How to Make Enemies and Bend People to Your Will" where he refuses to stand in line to order at a café. He is also theatrical, shown in his dark manner of speech, wardrobe, vast laboratory and castle, and overall posing.

Due to his pride, it is hard for Draxum to admit he is wrong and to any wrongdoing he may have committed. He often rejects support from others because he thinks he is too good for it such as in "Repairin' the Baron" when Draxum vehemently asserts that he doesn't need Michelangelo's help despite clearly benefiting from it. When he does require help from others, he prefers to order those helping him around. He makes concerted efforts to maintain an intimidating image thus Draxum is not known for tenderness and is usually physically distant. Sometimes he is also awkward and tactless when trying to be kind.


Draxum came across a Battle Nexus champion named Lou Jitsu approximately thirteen years prior to the start of the series and mutated four different species of turtle using the human's DNA and ooze of his own creation. This process resulted in the creation of the Turtles. However, his henchmen, Huginn and Muninn, soon after their mutation destroyed his laboratory and consequently all of Draxum's work. He went on to assume that the Turtles had died in the fire.

Thirteen years later, Draxum was able to produce more of the mutagenic ooze and now intended to mutate humans using his oozesquitoes as seen in "Mystic Mayhem". However, his plans were interrupted by the Turtles and April O'Neil, who fought Draxum and his minons and destroyed his laboratory. Despite the destruction of his laboratory, Draxum survived and later clashed with Big Mama and the Mad Dogs over the oozesquitoes in "Bug Busters". Having been thwarted again and angered by his creations' continued defiance, he created the Evil League of Mutants (consisting of Meat Sweats, Hypno-Potamus, Repo Mantis, Warren Stone, and the Sando Brothers). During a battle with the Mad Dogs, Draxum revealed his past association with Lou Jitsu, but was forcibly drawn through a portal and found himself with the Foot Clan.

Having a common enemy in the Mad Dogs, Draxum formed an alliance with the Foot Clan and agreed to complete the Kuroi Yōroi with them. Draxum believed that he would be given the armor to wear once it was assembled. This brought him into conflict with the Mad Dogs once again, and also with Splinter, who revealed himself to be mutated Lou Jitsu. Draxum eventually became frustrated with his lack of progress in the Foot Clan, and after engineering a triumph for himself, he took control of it as its leader.

Draxum reappeared after capturing the Mad Dogs when they arrived at the Dark Armor's car on Big Mama's train. He then fought Splinter after and refused to release the Turtles unless Splinter relinquished Skully, the final piece of the Dark Armor. This forced Splinter to give it up by using Leonardo’s ōdachi to make a portal and grab the piece from the Lair. Right as the Mad Dogs arrived on the scene, Draxum added the last piece to the armor, donning it so that he could be powerful enough to conquer the surface. However, he was defeated when April hit a baseball into the Jupiter Jim action figure lodged in the back of the helmet, causing the armor to finally function as intended and feed on nearly all of Draxum's life force and expel him from the armor.

Following losing the armor, Draxum was left on the streets of New York alone, destitute, and almost powerless. Mikey found him and set him up with the apartment above April's, trying to get Draxum to become a good person. Raphael and April found out about his residence and objected to it, but after a dinner with Donatello, Leo, and Splinter, and watching Draxum perform his first act of selflessness in saving some humans, they began to accept him. Needing a creative outlet, he was given a job at April's high school as a cafeteria cook.

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  • Enhanced physical strength:
  • Enhanced speed:
  • Enhanced stamina:
  • Enhanced agility:
  • Enhanced durability:
  • Enhanced reflexes:
  • Longevity:
  • Vine manipulation:
  • Portal creation:
  • Genius-level intellect:
    • Alchemical proficiency:
    • Biological knowledge:



  • Michelangelo: It was because of Mikey's compassion that Draxum was able to regain his mystic powers and have a life outside of the Hidden City. He begrudgingly accepted Mikey's help at first, but took more influence from him over time. Draxum now holds affection for Mikey and considers him to be his son as much as Mikey considers Draxum to be his father. He prevents Mikey and Splinter from being arrested in "Hidden City's Most Wanted", going to jail himself instead.
  • Donatello: Draxum doesn't have a close relationship with Donnie as he seemingly still hasn't forgiven Draxum for his past behavior or warmed up to him much. Although by the episode "Air Turtle", Donnie trusts Draxum enough to seek his counsel after Leo's foolhardy dabbling into mystic power transforms the members of a failing basketball team into demons.
  • Leonardo: Draxum's relationship with Leo is strained and distant as Leo resents Draxum for throwing him off a roof in "Bug Busters". Draxum scolds him in "Air Turtle" for using dangerous mystic magic. Draxum, with his vast knowledge on mystic powers, then tells Leo and the other Mad Dogs how to solve the problem.
  • Raphael: Raph accepts Draxum as part of his family, saying as much when he and the rest of the his family combine their power to save Draxum from the Shredder in "Battle Nexus: New York".

Friends and Allies

  • Huginn and Muninn: Draxum's former minions. He was initially skeptical of Huginn and Muninn's competence due to their size, but ended up impressed by their work and hired them. Despite this, Draxum is often rude to them, insulting them and having little tolerance for their lighthearted natures. Once Draxum became a fugitive in season 2, he lost contact with Huginn and Muninn and he hasn't seen them since.
  • April O'Neil: Draxum and April were enemies throughout the first season before becoming allies in early season 2. In "Repairin' the Baron", Draxum moved in as her upstairs neighbor and was hired as her high school's cafeteria cook. Over time, April and Draxum became unlikely friends and Draxum came to care about April's well-being and tries to protect her from harm. Draxum usually calls her "O'Neil".
  • Hamato Yoshi / Lou Jitsu / Splinter: Draxum intended to use Lou Jitsu's DNA to create a formidable army of mutants, but he escaped Draxum's laboratory after he and the Turtles were mutated. Draxum admires Lou Jitsu's combat abilities and physical prowess. However, after the two met again in "Shadow of Evil" they held a mutual disdain for one another. Since Mikey started helping out Draxum, he and Splinter came under an uneasy détente. Later, Draxum apologized for what he did to Splinter and showed a desire to be a regular part of the Turtles' lives. By the series finale, Draxum and Splinter have come to treat each other more respectfully and accept one another as the Turtles' father.
  • Cassandra "Casey" Jones / The Foot Recruit: They were temporarily allies in "How to Make Enemies and Bend People to Your Will" as both Draxum and Casey sought to rise within the Foot Clan's ranks, but Draxum abruptly stopped helping Casey once he had risen to Foot Clan leader, much to her disappointment. They briefly cooperated again in "Battle Nexus: New York" in their struggle against Big Mama and her Shadow Fiend, but this changed when Casey discovered that the Shadow Fiend was, in fact, the Shredder under Big Mama's mind control, and her goals no longer aligned with those of Draxum, Splinter or the Mad Dogs; at this point, though, they did not become enemies. That wouldn't happen until "Shreddy or Not", when the cursed Oroku Saki's mind was restored within the Shredder for the first time in 500 years, and he directed his Foot Clan to attack his mortal enemies the Hamato Clan at their lair; Casey was part of the assault team, and Splinter and Draxum fought to give their sons a chance to escape. Draxum and Casey finally became decisive allies again in the finale, "Rise", when Casey turned against the Shredder to protect Splinter, and Draxum and Casey cooperated with the combined Hamato Clan to destroy the Shredder for good.


  • Big Mama: Big Mama sought to use Draxum's oozesquitoes to create fighters for her arena, much to his annoyance. Not much is known about their relationship, other than that it seems to be largely adversarial in nature. In "Battle Nexus: New York" Draxum aids the Mad Dogs in their fight against Big Mama and her forces, attempting to free the people of New York City from the same mystic artifact that he had ironically given to her during their past brief alliance.
  • The Foot Clan: Draxum allied with the Foot Clan to rebuild the Kuroi Yōroi and defeat the Mad Dogs. It was later revealed they were just using him all along and betrayed him to empower the Shredder.
  • Mayhem: Mayhem was sent by the Council of Heads to keep an eye on Draxum. At some point, Mayhem stole a vial from him, leading to the events of "Mystic Mayhem".
  • Guardsmen: Prior to the start of the series, Draxum hired bounty hunters Garm and Freki to hunt down Mayhem after he was discovered spying on him and stole a vial. Their employment by Draxum ended in season 2, where they were instead enlisted by the Council of Heads to find Draxum and arrest him for his crimes. They confronted Draxum in Albearto Land and demanded that he cooperate, however, Raph and Mikey were able to neutralize them as a threat.