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In the IDW continuity, the Dragon Warrior is Kitsune's centuries-old project to craft a mortal vessel capable of housing the spirit of the Dragon, a deceased god who was the father of her and her other siblings in the Pantheon. Kitsune originally groomed Foot Clan founder Takeshi Tatsuo for this purpose, but upon his assassination by Oroku Maji, Kitsune arranged for Takeshi to be reincarnated in Maji's future son Oroku Saki, so that Kitsune could resume crafting her Dragon Warrior.

With Saki in particular, the term "Dragon Warrior" was not merely descriptive, but used as a term of affection. Even as Kitsune intended the Dragon Warrior to become her father's new vessel, she entered into an intimate relationship with Saki, even conceiving and bearing his children, of whom Oroku Yori and Oroku Karai are direct descendants.

With Saki's death in the Gauntlet in Vengeance, part 6, and Kitsune's failure to steal Saki's skull in Fox Hunt, part 2, Kitsune's attempts to make Saki her Dragon Warrior seemed to reach a dead end. In Pantheon Family Reunion, part 1, Kitsune shared her plan with her siblings, but not only were they skeptical that any mortal could contain their father's spirit, but many were less than convinced at Kitsune's claims that her project died with Saki.

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