This article is about the villain from the series The Next Mutation. For the opponent of the Turtles from the Image comics see Go-Komodo.

Dragon Lord
Biographical information

Dragon Skull

Weapon(s) of choice

Dragon Sword and Dragon Axe



Physical description







400 pounds

Hair color


Eye color


Out of universe information

The Next Mutation

First appearance

East Meets West, Part 1

Played by

Gerald Wong

Voiced by

Christopher Gaze

Teachers and Students

Rank Warriors


"I wondered what would happen if I obtained the same power that created you. I would become all-powerful."
"Through mutation?"
"You call it mutation, but I call it glorious transformation."
— Dragon Lord and Splinter

The Dragon Lord (also spelled Dragonlord, and named Dragon Skull) is the king of all dragons and an enemy of the Turtles. This character was specifically created for live action TV series Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation.

The Next Mutation


The Dragon Lord is the ruler of the Dragons, which were banished to another dimension 15,000 years ago.[1] He and his Rank army were trapped in an enchanted glass and have now escaped. The world was once ruled by dragons, and he has emerged to reclaim what was originally his. He is freed along with his Horde and has the ambition to dominate the world, resulting in conflicts with the Turtles. First, he wants to destroy the Turtles, to freely implement his plans into action. He builds up his headquarters in New York City. Dragon Lord still doesn't understand some of the wonders of the outside world and can be amazed at little things like broomsticks. He is amazed to see walking Turtles and wants to digest the same ingredients that made them mutants in the hopes that it will make him all powerful. He is easily enraged even over the smallest things, such as being corrected. As an ally, he has the mad scientist Dr. Quease at his side, whose knowledge he wants to use for its own purposes. His personal sidekick is the little dragon Wick.


I am Dragon Skull, Dragon Lord. I seek retribution for the foul trickery that imprisoned my people eons ago. We shall return to our world and reclaim that which was stolen from us. I shall lead the glorious attack once I have eaten the Mutant Turtles. This will infuse me with the powerful magical Mutagen that resides within their unworthy bodies. Then I shall transform myself into the most magnificent Dragon Overlord ever to live, and crush your vile civilization beneath my gauntleted fist. I promise you this, human... for every minute that my people were wrongfully imprisoned by your Shinobi Shaman, you shall spend 10,000 years in torment.

So it is written, so shall it be done. Woe be unto you, who so richly deserves punishment. Revenge is sweet and vengeance shall be mine.

-Excerpt from the TMNT Website


Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation was cancelled while the Dragon Lord remained at large. The end of the conflict was eventually revealed in an unorthodox fashion, when it was related to readers through the "Turtle Tracks" letter page on the official website.

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  • "You'll have to forgive my loyal and obedient servant Wick, I'm afraid he hasn't enjoyed solid meat in some 15,000 years! -Dragon Lord, East Meets West, Part 2.
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