Dragons are a race of mythical reptiles, often depicted as beings able to breathe fire, sometimes also winged.

In some form or other, dragons have appeared in the various TMNT universes.

1987-1996 series

  • A Dragon known as Baby-San appears in the Usagi episodes.
  • Another dragon appears in "The Legend of Koji", where its footprint gives the Foot Clan its name.

Archie Comics

  • Chu Hsi bonded with an ancient dragon spirit, becoming the Warrior Dragon.


Next Mutation

  • The Rank, led by the Dragon Lord, were a group of dragons that served as the main antagonists.

2003 TV series


  • Shredder was granted the power to turn into a dragon, the Dark Devil Shredder, by Dark Mu.

2012 Series

Known Dragons



Next Mutation

2003 Series

2012 Series

Video Games

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