Twin Plungers of Pounding Force!


  • Spring Loaded, Independently Powered Mutant Plungers
  • Footfinder Telescope with Cross-hairs
  • Twin Turtle Shields
  • Turtle Safety Belt
  • Comfortable Toilet Seat Ring Seat
  • Explosive Sewer Gas Launching System
  • Flush Launcher Strings
  • Sure-grip Surplus Radical Tires
  • Rusty, Trusty Water Heater Tripod

"Are your streets clogged with scum like Shredder? Simply pick up the phone and call the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. On call for emergencies - the more disgusting the better - the Turtles attack clogs with gusto with their powerful portable artillery piece, the Double Barreled Plunger Gun. Assembled from a sewer gas-burning water heater, an abandoned anti-aircraft gun and two used plumber's helpers, this go-anywhere smash-anything mutant basher packs a powerful one-two punch to repel invaders or break through the toughest barricade. Yo, Turtles!"


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