Donnie's Gifts
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode
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Season Code: 103
Episode: 2B
Original airdate September 17, 2018
Written by Russ Carney & Ron Corcillo
Producers: Vladimir Radev
Ant Ward
Andy Suriano
Directed by Sebastian Montes
Voice Direction Rob Paulsen
Supervising Director  Alan Wan
Storyboard Artist: Jessica Zammit
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"Origami Tsunami" "War and Pizza"
"Donnie's Gifts" is the third episode (Episode 2B) of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It first aired on September 17th, 2018.


The Turtles have to fight their bad habits, but they must also fight the mutated chef Meat Sweats. It first aired on September 17th, 2018.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


During a patrol in the night streets of New York, the Turtles have come across a mutant silverfish, which is just on the prowl for laundry after consumption. Instead, Raphael, in his attempts to flatten the silverfish, increases the problem, since every silverfish he counters with his mystic tonfas bisects by splitting. Because he and his brothers Michelangelo and Leonardo fool around during the fight, rather than keeping an eye on their opponents, the silverfish are beginning to gain the upper hand. Only when Donatello, the only serious one in the encounter, frustrates with his tech gear, does the tide turn and the Silverfish retreat.

Donatello presents his brothers with some new gear for them to help them "get a little bit more in the wings": a helmet for Raph, a jumpsuit for Mikey, and a collar for Leo. However, before he can start with a demonstration of their capacity, a loud squeak lures the Turtles to a nearby alley behind the restaurant Chateau Prétenche, there they see a grotesque pig-like figure catching the silverfish they had just evicted in a sack, and then retreating to the New York Underground with his prey.

The Turtles follow the mutant, whom they mockingly called "Meat Sweats", to an abandoned subway station, where they witness that he wants to prepare the silverfish into a "gourmet" meal. Using a striking phrase ("Unleash the flavor!"), Mikey recognizes the mutant as Rupert Swaggart, a prominent chef who was stung by an Oozesquito in the midst of a live broadcast of his show and was transformed into a mutant. Then the Turtles experience how the mutant chef absorbs the mutant abilities from the silverfish by touch of his tendrils.

Meat Sweats' sharp nose picks up their scent. Armed with his meat tenderizer, Meat Sweats begins to search his hiding place for the invaders. Raph bravely faces him, but when he attacks, he is distracted by a voice that suddenly sounds from his helmet and tries to give him instructions to form a plan. Meat Sweats takes the opportunity to strike back; but when Raph meets him with his tonfas, Meat Sweats then splits apart like the mutant silverfish. Now confronted with an army of Mini-Meats, Donnie is suddenly captured in the chaos, and his "presents" unfavorably activating in the midst of battle; Mikey's suit then inflates whenever he tries to do his acrobatics and Leo's collar shocks him every time he says a terrible pun.

When the three Turtles are separated from their enemies by a passing subway and thus get a little breathing space, they decide to give their opinion to Donnie about his "gifts", but a call from Donnie with an urgent call for help pushes this intention into the background for the moment. For right now, Meat Sweats, who has regrouped, is preparing to use Donnie for his next meal. To save Donnie, Raph, Leo and Mikey agree to play their respective personal quirks that Donnie wanted to discipline in the ensuing fight.

Back in Meat Sweats' hideout, Raph grabs his imprisoned brother while the mutant villain's back is turned. He then follows them, only for Leo to stuff his electric collar in his underpants and activates it with his witty slogans. As Meat Sweats takes advantage of a moment of inattention to knock Leo to the ground, Mikey swings down to Meat Sweats and rams him repeatedly in his inflated suit. Raphael intervenes and, with his helmet as a boxing glove, knocks the villain in front of the bow of the next passing subway. Donnie, at first enraged on how his brothers misused their gifts, then admits that he can't change his siblings and embraces them. As the Turtles hug, the A.I. voice meant to activate Mikey's inflatable suit speaks, ending the episode abruptly.


  • Leo's collar is similar to a shock collar, a device used to force dogs into doing tricks.
  • Mikey's suit is similar to the flight suit made by Disney's Professor Ludwig von Drake.


  • Meat Sweats: Ah-ha! I feel the rush of your delicious energy! The herbs de provence are a nice touch!
    Michelangelo: That sounds good!
    Donatello: He's talking about eating us!
    Mikey: Excuse me for wanting to be eaten in style!



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