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Swamps, Japan


Ninjutsu (skills deteriorating along with age/sanity)

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

A future version of Donatello is seen living alone and separated from his brothers. He resided in an unknown location in Japan where he is first seen in a vision of the future were he is traveling over the hillsides of Chihaya Village, Japan to bury Splinter, before an aircar appears overhead of him and the vision ceases. He is seen again as old man where his only companion is a personal computer assistant named "Chet". One day he is he decided one day to activate a training simulation program, "New York City rooftop, circa 1985". In the simulation Donatello fights a group of computer-generated Foot Ninja. After defeating them, The Shredder appears, who's also beaten. Donatello turns around to discover computer-generated images of him and his three brothers in their prime. He immediately ordered the computer to delete them from the program, and to never do that again. After this he is seen crying to himself. He appears later be watched by an older and saddened Renet.

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