Biographical information

Gack Face
Zip Neck
Dome head
Hose brain

Date of birth



Mastery of ninjutsu
Scientific expertise

Weapon(s) of choice



Splinter (foster father)
Leonardo (brother)
Michelangelo (brother)
Raphael (brother)
April O'Neil (sister figure)

Physical description



180 lbs.



Eye color


Bandana color


Out of universe information
First appearance
Played by

Leif Tilden
Jim Raposa

Voiced by

Corey Feldman (1990 + 1993 films)
Adam Carl (1991 film)
Mitchell Whitfield (2007 film)

Teachers and Students
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Donatello is the scientific intellectual of the Ninja Turtles, who were all trained by Splinter in the arts of ninjutsu.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Along with his brothers, Donatello participated in the rescue of April O'Neil from a gang of criminals, and was delighted by their success in their first battle. Though he and Michelangelo seemed unconcerned by Splinter's worries, Donatello seemed troubled by their father speaking of his own mortality.

He was pleased when Raphael brought the unconscious "news lady" back to their lair, and helped escort her to her apartment that evening. After an evening of pizza and jokes, the Turtles returned to their lair, only to discover that Splinter had been abducted.

Donatello deferred to Leonardo in the decision of what the Turtles should do to find their sensei, although a remark to April about fathers indicated that he was more upset than he showed outwardly. When a badly-beaten Raphael was thrown through the skylight, Donatello fought the Foot Ninja who attacked them, remaining aware enough of his surroundings to warn them of the floor's impending collapse.

Along with his brothers, Donatello fled to the countryside, attempting to cope with the humiliating defeat and the loss of Splinter. His method was to strike up a friendship with Casey Jones, in which the two repaired an old pickup truck while insulting one another playfully. After ) recovered from his injuries, the brothers spent a great deal of time training with one another. After they briefly communicated with Splinter, the Turtles decided that it was time to return home to New York.

On their first night back, they were attacked by the Foot Clan, a battle that culminated in the Shredder appearing before them. When Shredder appeared, Donatello attempted to attack him but suffered defeat, as did all his brothers. Fortunately, Splinter reappeared and defeated Shredder, throwing him from the rooftop into a garbage truck.

Along with his brothers, Donatello warmly embraced their father, before celebrating their victory.

He was often seen palling around with Michelangelo, the two of them taking to making jokes and commenting on situations while their brothers quarreled. Oddly, though, Donatello has a comedic inability to match his brothers' surfer slang throughout the first three movies, instead using nonsensical terms such as "bossa nova", "a cappella", "Chevy Nova", and "eclectic".

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze

Along with his brothers, Donatello was forced to move in temporarily with April O'Neil, a situation that he seemed pleased with. His scientific curiosity was piqued when Splinter informed the Turtles of the connection between their mutation and the TGRI corporation, and Donatello's technical skills were put to the test infiltrating their database. However, the Turtles were unsuccessful in keeping the last of the mutagenic ooze out of the Foot Clan's hands.

Donatello accompanied Leonardo and Michelangelo in the search for a new lair, which led them to an abandoned subway station. Donatello was immediately delighted by this discovery, but seemed worried by the absence of Raphael as they moved in.

When the Turtles set out to rescue Raphael, Donatello was thrown through the wall of one of the buildings, and discovered the captured Professor Jordan Perry. After freeing him, Donatello dragged Perry to the sewers, and brought him back to the Turtles' new lair to confer with them on Shredder's new, highly-aggressive mutants Tokka and Rahzar.

However, Donatello became depressed upon hearing from Perry that the ooze that mutated them had been a freak laboratory accident, having believed that there must have been more to their mutations than mere chance. Splinter consoled his son by assuring him that a person's worth is not determined by their origins.

Donatello worked alongside Perry to formulate an anti-mutagenic compound, hoping that they could revert Tokka and Rahzar back to normal animals. At their next confrontation, the Turtles successfully administered a dose of the anti-mutagen to Tokka and Rahzar, but the creatures discovered the ruse and began attacking them.

During the ensuing battle, Donatello used a fire extinguisher to speed up the anti-mutagen, reverting the two mutants back into an ordinary wolf and snapping turtle. However, this led to Donatello and his brothers being seen by hundreds of humans in a nightclub as they fought Shredder and their mutant opponents.

Just as the Turtles thought they had defeated Shredder, they discovered that he had instead been exposed to the mutagenic ooze, which transformed him into a "super-Shredder." Along with his brothers, Donatello escaped into the ocean and was able to swim to shore, leaving the Shredder to be crushed under a falling boardwalk. They returned home, victorious, only to discover that Splinter had learned of their public display.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

Along with his brothers and Splinter, Donatello witnessed a magical scepter transport April through time and space to feudal Japan, leaving Kenshin in her place. After thoroughly examining the scepter, he deduced that it required the exchange of people of equal weight in the past and future. But the situation became substantially more complicated when the Turtles actually used the scepter to go back in time, as they were exchanged with four horse-mounted honor guards in the middle of a battle. With Michelangelo and the scepter missing, Donatello followed Leonardo to the nearby castle, which they barely managed to infiltrate without being found out.

They managed to locate and free April, but were confronted by a host of guards who kept them from being able to leave except via a sewer drain. After going out in search of Michelangelo, the three Turtles encountered the rebellious villagers, whose village was under attack by the forces of Walker. With the scepter lost, Donatello focused most of his energies on attempting to construct a new one with the village blacksmith.

The actual scepter was soon found by Raphael, but was almost immediately lost when the mercenary Whit took it back to Walker. Donatello accompanied his brothers into the daimyo's castle, where they took part in a massive battle between the daimyo's soldiers, Walker's men and the rebel villagers. When the scepter was reclaimed, Donatello was the only Turtle not tempted to remain in the past, as he was unwilling to live a life without technology.


His depiction became more serious and mature in the 2007 movie, due to the long training mission that Leonardo was sent on. Donatello fell in to a leader-esque role, keeping the group together in Leonardo's absence whilst working online as an IT Tech Support. Although he tried his best to keep his brothers unified, the three were moving in separate directions with their lives. He particularly clashed with Raphael, whom he berated for not contributing as he and Michelangelo did.

With Leonardo's return the group once again came together, much to his relief, and Donatello helped his brothers in ridding the earth of Max Winters' evil generals.


In "All Tomorrow's Yesterdays", the Turtles in their fourth film incarnation were shown in a universe-splitting scene, showing different incarnations of characters. The first film's Turtles were also seen in the "Multiverse" collage in Turtles Forever.


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