Prosthetic carapace ready

Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the IDW continuity, Donatello has had an artificial prosthetic carapace to replace his original natural one, after the events of the Vengeance story arc. This became necessary after Rocksteady violently smashed his carapace with his hammer Juniper in the Attack on Technodrome arc. For a time, Donatello had been effectively mortally-wounded, and his brain temporarily hooked up to remotely control Metalhead as his robotic avatar. To restore Donatello's broken body, Professor Zayton Honeycutt surgically operated on Donatello to bond the prosthetic shell he had constructed to the turtle's body, using some healing ooze provided by Leatherhead. The new carapace looks indistinguishable from the old one, except that it vibrates like a kettle drum when struck, and, as shown later in the Chasing Phantoms arc, is also bullet-proof, though bullets can still dent its finish.

In only one scene of issue #101, Donnie appears to have an unexplained different grey prosthetic carapace with very visible metal and bolts, which was not seen before, or even in later panels of the same issue.


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