Don, the Undercover Turtle (1990 action figure)

10) Don, the Undercover Turtle.jpg

Now he's a sewer snoopin' detective!

Vital Spytistics

Favorite Movie: The Maltese Mutant
Favorite Saying: "Play it again, ma'am!"


He's the sliest super-sleuth in the city. He's Donatello, the Undercover Turtle and he likes his Retromutagen Ooze shaken, not stirred. Equipped with a slew of secret Turtle tools, Don fearlessly fights the Foot from the shadows of the night. Will he whip out his mutant revolver or duck behind his bulletproof briefcase and disappear into the night? No one knows, 'cause Don can slip away when he slips on his detective disguise and mingles with the meanies. He's a cool covert crimefighter who dances with danger.


  • Hi-energy Pizza Snack
  • Detective Disguise
  • Bulletproof Briefcase
  • Mutant Revolver
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