Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

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Michelangelo "Yow! Am I ready yet?"

Leonardo "Yeah, you look great Mike! People at the Halloween party will love that pin-head suit!"

Mike "This will be kinda wild mixing with humans in public and all!"

Leo "It'll be fun!"

Second T[...]

Burglar "There, that's the one. The "Second Time Around" shop. I hear some lady lives up stairs alone!"

Other Burglar "Yeah, an' she's loaded!"





Burglar "I'll go scope it out."

Don't Just A Book...


Burglar "Doo, dee, doo, dah, blamp, blamp!"

Raphael "Hey! Someone's at the downstairs door!"

Other Turtle "Don't answer is, Raphael!"

Leo "No, wait! I'll answer it! What a perfect way to try out my costume... To see if I can really pass as an old lady."

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Leo "Yes?"

Burglar "Yeah... Ah... Is Chet here?"

Leo "Who? No one here but me! Shoo! Go away!"

Burglar "Easy pick'ns!"


Donatello "Who was it, Leo?"

Leo "Ah, some kid. Had the wrong house."

Don "Hmmm..."

Leo "Hello? Oh, hi April! Yeah, we're almost ready."

April O'Neil "Good! Things are pretty beat right now, but it'll pick up real soon. Why don't you try to make it over around 9 o'clock?"

Burglar "This is the junk store. Hah! Look at this "protected window" good tug—oof—and it's off!"

Other Burglar "Go to it, man!"

Page 3


Mike "Hey, did you hear something, Don?"

Don "Yeah, it came from out back!"

Don "Hey! Someone's breaking into the shop! ...And a bunch of them, too!"

Burglar "We're in, no problem!"

Other Burglar "Nothing here but second hand junk. Let's head right upstairs to the old lady's!"


Turtle "They're through the shop and trying the door at the bottom of the stairs! It looks like we'll have company!"

Same Turtle "Raphael, go up to our place. We'll stay here in April's and wait..."

Burglar "Shhh! We don't want to wake the old bag! Not yet!"

Other Burglar "Nah! She's probably deaf anyway!"

Page 4

Burglar "Cheezz this is too easy! She even left the door unlocked!"

Don "You're right—this is too easy!"

Burglar "Yaaaa!"

Page 5

Burglar "Holy! —Oof!"

Other Burglar "What? Where's the old lady—mmfp!"

Leo "Looking for me!?"

Leo "Young heathens!"


Leo "Trying to pick on a defenseless old woman!"

Leo "Wimp!"


Leo "Oof"

Page 6

Burglar "What the hell is that?"

Same Burglar "Some kind of protection? A flak jacket?"

Same Burglar "No wait—it's a shell!"

Same Burglar "Under her—it's dress!"

Leo "Ooohh..."

Same Burglar "Looks like a turtle sh✺"

Last Burglar "They haven't seen me yet—maybe I can reach the street before those things get me!"

Last Burglar "Please! Please! Please! Don't let them see me!"

Raph "Oh boy! They left one for me!"

Page 7


Raph "This thug's spent! You guy's O.K.?"

Mike "I can't believe it! These guys broke-in to rob an old woman!"

Leo "I guess they'll think twice before they do it again."

Mike "Oh, no!"

Mike "Our costumes are ripped to shreds!"

Raph "They weren't made to fight in!"

Don "Now what do we do?"

Page 8


April "Boy, it's almost ten, I wonder where the guys are? I hope everyone buys the story that they're my southern cousins."

"Popeye" "Hey, April—your cousins are here!"


April "Oh, good!"

April "Oh, no!"

April "Ah—hi guys! Ah—neat—um—costumes?"


"Batgirl" "What are you supposed to be, Gremlins?"

"You're cute!"

Turtle "Could ya'll get me a beer?"

"I think they were in Rambo or something, right?"

"No, no, it was Goonies! They look so real!"


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