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Weapon(s) of choice

Maces and axes

Physical description



Approximately 90 cm

Out of universe information

2003 TV series


Mirage Studios

First appearance

Return of the Justice Force

Created by

Peter Laird

Teachers and Students

Domeoids are the mechanical henchmen of Dr. Dome.

General Description

Dr. Dome and his daughter Ananda were both able to control them mentally.

Domeoids are about just under a meter tall, roughly humanoid robots, that primarily serve as soldiers for Doctor Dome. They use mainly axes and maces as weapons. Their unique features are their glass or crystal domes, which are reshaped in the skull of their creator.

The Mirage TMNT version have two eye openings that are below the glass dome, in the 2003 animated version they are missing. In addition, the 2003 versions still have rocket propulsion in their legs and can also be controlled telepathically directly by a Technopathen (such as Dr. Dome or Ananda).



A poster of Dr. Dome and his Domeoids can be seen in the alternate ending of the 1990 film.

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