Doc el

The Plodding, Peanut-eatin' Mini-mammoth!

Vital Elephantistics

Accessories: Bone Nunchaku, Spooky Spear, WhoDo? YouDo Wedoo Mask, Supernatural Safety Shield
Favorite Food: Peanut Butter and Foot Jam
Weight: Five minutes
Favorite Phrase: "See, nothing up my trunk!"

Here's one good reason to stay away from wild witch doctorin': you could end up like Doctor El. This pipsqueakin' pachyderm used to be a pesky pygmy. Then Shredder went on safari to steal subjects from the jungle for an evil experiment. Shredhed was impressed with Doctor El's witch doctorin' ways - so he went the way of the Ooze. But what Shredder didn't know was that elephants are big, friendly fellas. Now this beast of burden is a fond follower of the Ninja Turtles! And his truncated trunk is super-sensitive to pungent pepperoni pizza - he loves the saucy smell. And that's why Doctor El is the perfect partner for the teens to, once and for all, curse the Foot Clan out of existence. Using his spooky spear and bone nunchaku, Doctor El is cookin' up a Clan-crunchin' concoction. So come on over - Foot Soup's on!


  • The "WhoDo? YouDo Wedoo Mask" is a reference to an old comedy routine popularized with the film Labyrinth.
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