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Doctor Dome


Doc Dome



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His Domeoids and Domebot


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Black, Red

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Doctor Dome (also known as Dr. Dome or Doc Dome) is a superhero and was a member of the Justice Force. He left the team due to a squabble with Stainless Steel Steve over the love of their teammate, Battling Bernice.


Doctor Dome was once a superhero who together with his friends Battling Bernice, Metal Head, Stainless Steel Steve, Zippy Lad, Captain Deadbolt and Joey Lastic founded the superhero team Justice Force. After many years, however, the Justice Force separated because Dome's deeper feelings for Bernice cherished, but she was hopelessly in love with Steve, and therefore it came to tensions within the team. Dome could not keep his feelings for Bernice a secret, and as time went on, the more obsessive his desire became.

Finally Dr. Dome attempts to enact revenge on the Justice Force, having taken a heel turn since leaving the Force. One day Dome sent his old Domeoids to attack the old Justice Force. He cites the quarrel with Steve over Bernice as his motivation. However, Bernice was not with the Justice Force, because she had died three years earlier. Dome is defeated by Ananda, the late Battling Bernice's daughter, who lambasted Dr. Dome for his actions. Ananda reproached him for his selfish behavior, and was finally able to bring him back to his senses. Steve then gives Dome a second chance, allowing him to join them again.


In the Mirage's TMNT comics, the skills of Doctor Dome are not described directly. It is conceivable, however, that he has a genius level intellect and is a trained scientist, whose specialties is in the field of robotics. Dome also used a giant Domebot to fight, that could be controlled from a cockpit, and numerous smaller Domeoids as auxiliary troops.


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