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Dr. Dome (also known as Doctor Dome or Doc Dome) is a superhero and was a member of the Justice Force. In the 2003 cartoon, he left the team due to a squabble with Stainless Steve Steel over the love of their teammate, Battling Bernice.


Dr. Dome's Dome Bot.

The history of the old Justice Force coincides with the Mirage template, but with some changes. Battling Bernice had a brief affair with Dome, apparently in an attempt on her unrequited love for Steve. From this combination she gave birth to a daughter Bernice, and kept her existence a secret from them. When she returned to the team after her pregnancy, she was killed on her last deployment in an attempt to protect Steve and Dome; the Justice Force dissolved soon after, and its members withdrew into private life.

In the episode "Return of the Justice Force" someone is kidnapping members of the Justice Force, and it is presumed that because of the presence of the old Domeoids, that Dr. Dome is behind it. However, Dr. Dome arrives and thinks that Stainless Steel Steve was the perpetrator. Dome was attentive and followed the Domeoids to his former laboratory, where he, Steve, the Turtles and Casey Jones met. However Michelangelo, tried to bring the counter-parties to reason again. In fact, the mastermind was Ananda, the late Battling Bernice's daughter, who was also Dr. Dome's estranged daughter and had inherited her father's control over the Domeoids. She says the Justice Force was responsible for the death of their mother. The Justice Force and the Turtles defeat Ananda. Dr. Dome reconciles with her, and she eventually becomes a member of the second incarnation of the Justice Force.

On a related note, it was mentioned by Michelangelo that Stainless Steel Steve once saved Dr. Dome from the Living Volcano and that Dr. Dome once cured Stainless Steel Steve of the creeping alien rust.


A poster of Dr. Dome and his Domeoids can be seen in the alternate ending of the 1990 film.


In the 2003 animated series, however Dome has the ability to control electronic equipment via his thoughts streams directly. With age, however Dome has very limited use of this ability because it gives him a headache and thus his ability to maintain his concentration does not remain intact.

Both versions of dome used a giant Domebot to fight, that could be controlled from a cockpit, and numerous smaller Domeoids as auxiliary troops.



  • The name of Doctor Dome is obviously a parody of the Marvel Comics supervillain Victor von Doom.