Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Disposable Heroes is a TMNT Movie Prequel comic. It was originally published in March 2007.

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While on a mission scouting Triceratons, Raphael hears an old man being mugged up on the street. He starts to go help the man, but Leonardo pulls him back to help with the Triceratons, after they are defeated Raphael goes up to help the man, but he has been beaten and left by the men. Raphael helps him up but feels horrible about what has happened to him.

The other turtles find him on a roof overlooking the old man's neighborhood and Leonardo chastises him for leaving the others during a battle.

Later, Master Splinter announces that Leonardo, and only Leonardo, is ready to embark on a pilgrimage. This doesn't sit well with Raph and he heads back up to the streets where he stops a woman from being mugged. The old man from before comes out to meet Raph and asks him to return with him to his place.

The two exchange stories and the old man explains that he used to be a crime-fighter for the neighborhood. Raph has to take off because Leo is leaving and promises to come back the next evening, but while on the way he hears a shot come from the man's apartment where he finds him dying from a break-in. Raph makes a promise to put the guys that did it behind bars and to keep the man's family from knowing about his crime-fighting past by getting rid of his gear. He keeps both.

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