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The Dimensional Council is a collection of ancient, ageless beings who rule the node of all different dimensions, and appear in the 2014 Annual issue of the IDW comic. Under the leadership of Council Leader Nieli, they regularly hosted yearly gladiatorial games in which the best warriors were gathered from different worlds, enslaved and pitted against one another.

The Dimensional Council was effectively ruled by Nieli, who exerted his power to not only continue the games but also remove Lord Simultaneous from any position of influence. The other members of the Council were uninterested in the bloodthirsty games, but did not make their positions known until the slaves and the spectators turned against Nieli and the Council.

The Councilors then turned against Nieli, suspending and banishing him from the Council permanently. They then embraced the Turtles' suggestion of new, more peaceful games of fighting skill, which would be known as the Battle Nexus.

Known Members

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