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Dimension X is a warzone controlled by the evil Krang where Utroms, Triceratons and Neutrinos fight for their planets.


In the IDW comics, the name Dimension X is known for the first time in connection with Krang's ancestry as an Utrom. There is a major time difference between it and the earthly dimension, in which the time on Earth passes much faster than in Dimension X.


The following planets and asteroids have become known in this continuity:

  • Aerwyl - Was formerly the hub for all coalition operations, now the home to the Imperial Aerwyl Starfleet and under the rulership of the Chancellor Mazool.
  • Astraea Asteroid Belt – Once a beautiful planet called Astraea, it is unknown what caused its destruction.
  • Balaraphon - Appears in The Armageddon Game: Opening Moves issue 1. It is a neutral planet which is attacked by General Krang, thereby breaking a treaty. A battle between the Utroms and the Neutrinos Royal Guards is fought on the surface.
  • Morbus - A hostile prison world, which was once subjected by Traxus until Krang killed him, and so was his trial by fire as the heir to the throne of the Utrom Empire.
  • Neutrino - The homeworld of the Neutrinos which became involved in a bloody war after Krang went looking for Professor Honeycutt.
  • Totus - The homeworld of the Polyglot.
  • Utrominon - The now former homeworld of the Utroms and the former center of their galactic empire.
  • Volcanic Asteroid – Former Utrom empire military base turned intergalactic/interdimensional way station and home to the Blastorama Pleasuredome.



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