Dimension X

The galaxy of Dimension X


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Dimension X is a corkscrew-shaped galaxy in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures by Archie Comics. Despite its name and unlike most other incarnations of Dimension X in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, this Dimension X is not located in a parallel dimension from the story's Earth.


Dimension X was home of several characters who often create difficulties for the Turtles on Earth, most notably one of the main antagonists, the evil alien warlord Krang. Characters usually use the Trans-Dimensional Portal, located inside the Technodrome for transportation between Dimension X and the Earth, though other portals and other means of travel are occasionally seen.

Dimension X is a spiral galaxy in which numerous inhabited or habitable worlds are located. When it was taken over by the Theocracy, warlords were banished.

Natives and residents[]

Locations in Dimension X[]

The following locations are seen in Dimension X:

Eden Worlds[]

The Eden Worlds are the collective name for a series of planets covered in primeval wilderness, which were never disturbed by civilization. The particular region of the particular unnamed Eden World that Bebop and Rocksteady settled on was reminiscent of the wilderness of East Africa. It is said that most "intelligent" species were forbidden to live on these planets.

The name "Eden Worlds" refers to stories in the Torah and Old Testament about the Garden of Eden.


Hirobyl is a planet orbiting an aging and dying giant star which is either home to or a colony of the Malignoids. Krang is said to have destroyed all life on the planet. The decisive battle between the Turtles and Krang for the Turnstone takes place here. The name of the planet is possibly a reference to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 and the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, since the planet is dying and the Turtles refer that a giant structure reminds much of the workers statues who can be seen in the former Soviet Union back in those days.


Huanu was a planet in the system that orbited a red star sun. It was the homeworld of Wingnut and Screwloose and their respective races, until Krang assaulted the world, completely destroying it and all its inhabitants in search of the Turnstone, save for the pair who escaped and swore revenge on the warlord.


Morbus is a world that is used by the inhabitants of Dimension X as a toxic and nuclear waste dump and prison planet. It is on Morbus that Krang encounters Slash and Bellybomb. On this inhospitable planet, Krang was exiled after his final conflict with the Turtles.


Palmadise was a planet once covered in palm trees and the homeworld of Slash. The planet was deforested by the order of the Galactic President, who demanded all the palm trees to use as wood for his fireplace. Its current state is unknown.

Stump Asteroid[]

The Stump Asteroid is the home of Stump and Sling. From this asteroid, they host the Stump & Sling Intergalactic Wrestling, in the Stump Arena. Another resident, Cudley the Cowlick, was in charge of the "recruitment" of new fighters, transporting the wrestlers to and from Stump Asteroid. In addition to the Turtles, (who wrestled at Stump Asteroid twice), famous wrestlers include Ace Duck, Bloodbath, Cryin' Houn' (who later changed his name to El Mysterio), and temporarily also Leatherhead and Wingnut.