Technodrome (28)

The Technodrome after entering Dimension X at the end of Shredder & Splintered.

Dimension X is a prominent locale in the 1987 TV series.


Dimension X was home of several characters who often create difficulties for the Ninja Turtles, most notably one of their main antagonists, Krang, but also some of their allies and friends, like the Neutrinos.


A bit of controversy exists on whether Dimension X is a dimension, or a galaxy in the same universe as the Milky Way. The cartoon provides arguments for both sides but a definitive determination is never revealed.

For example, interplanetary space in Dimension X is often depicted as orange or reddish. However, Shredder when taking the crystal from the children in It Came from Beneath the Sewers, he tells them he came "from Dimension X, in a far off galaxy". In some episodes, like Super Hero for a Day, Krang mentions the distance between Earth and Dimension X.

In the episode Bye, Bye, Fly, Baxter Stockman flies in a pandimensional spacecraft from Earth to Dimension X.

Locations in Dimension X

The following locations are seen in Dimension X:


Main article: Balaraphon
Balaraphon is a planet inhabited by a peaceful species native to Dimension X. From mid-season 8, the Technodrome is located there.

Dimension X Penitentiary

The Dimension X Penitentiary is a prison where some of the worst criminals of Dimension X are imprisoned. Convicts include Skaarg, Dementor, and the Dregma Brothers. Unfortunately, the penitentiary is not protected against dimensional portals, allowing them to slip out while Irma and Vernon Fenwick accidentally slipped through the portal from the Earth to Dimension X, ending up there. (Convicts from Dimension X)

Neutrino Homeworld

Main article: Neutrino homeworld
The Neutrino Homeworld is the home of the Neutrinos people. It was the target of an invasion led by General Traag and ordered by Krang. (Four Turtles and a Baby)


Main article: Serot
Serot is an asteroid that is home to the slave pits that are run by Vorx (Shredder Triumphant).

Unnamed Rocky World

This unnamed rocky world is the site where the Technodrome was located on a rocky landscape during season 2.

Volcanic Asteroid

Main article: Volcanic Asteroid
The Volcanic Asteroid is a site where the Technodrome is located throughout season 4, including the Vacation in Europe episodes. It is later revealed to have a prominent volcano. (The Dimension X Story)
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