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The Den of Delights is a recurring location in the IDW continuity. It is the home of the Toad Baron, where a vast variety of guests are locked in a constant hedonistic party. Exotic foods and party entertainments are constantly available to his guests, keeping them lulled and dazzled so that they will never want to stop. The servants in this place are all frogs.

The Den looks essentially like a massive stone palace with many halls and corridors, and is filled with tacky precious items. It is impossible to leave the Den of Delights without the express permission of the Toad Baron; while it has many doors, they all simply lead to other chambers, with none to the outside. Normally it is also impossible to enter without the Toad Baron's permission.

Alopex and Angel Bridge were two such individuals who were brought to the Den of Delights against their will. After searching relentlessly for a way out, the two eventually came up with the idea of fighting and smashing things to get the Toad Baron to throw them out. With his party in disarray, the Toad Baron ejected them from the Den.

The Den of Delights was then the site of the 21st-century meeting of the Pantheon, as it was the Toad Baron's turn to host the gathering. The Turtles were able to infiltrate the Den by using a teleporter, and the resulting fight further damaged the Den.

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