The Wacky Waste ‘em Warrior!

Vital Deltistics

Accessories: Mutant Machine Gun, Bandolier with Bullet Belt, “Infrared” Binoculars, Changeable Camouflage, Mutant Mine Sweeper
Favorite Food: Lead
Favorite Halls: Montezuma

When the free world is on the brink of destruction, call the special Mutant army of one, known only by his code name – Delta Team Don. He’s cool under fire and hot under his collar. No matter where the Foot hide – on land, in the sea or up in the air – Delta Team Don will track ‘em down and mow ‘em over. There is no defense against this unstoppable Mutant marine. He’s got the bad boys in sight with his “infrared” binoculars. And every target’s always within range of his massive Mutant machine gun. They’ll never know what hit ‘em thanks to Don’s changeable camouflage. Once Delta Team Don gets his orders, you can rest assured that the mission will be accomplished come Foot Clan or high water. So stand at attention and salute the only Mutant who will take ‘em all on and win. Atten hut!


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