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Human cyborg
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IDW Publishing

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The Jersey Devil

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Rich Douek
Aaron Conley

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

In the IDW continuity, Deadaim is one of a gang of four mercenaries hired by Madame Null to capture Dreadmon. Like his cohorts, he is a human-born mutant with cyborg enhancements that allow him to shift between human and mutant forms.

They caught up to Dreadmon as he was speaking with Sally Pride and Man Ray, whom they intended to also bring in for a reward. As Sally and Dreadmon escaped, Colonel Fist ordered Deadaim to shoot out their tire, which he successfully did as the car was speeding towards them. He informed their targets that he could easily shoot them before they even thought of moving, but was told to not to do so by Fist.

When Ray came to Sally and Dreadmon's rescue, Deadaim and his cohorts went off in pursuit of them, but were thwarted by Sally.


  • Deadaim is the only member of the IDW continuity's Gang of Four whose call sign differs from his Archie TMNT counterpart, who was instead called Dead-Eye. The other three members—Fist, Lynch and Waster—share the exact same call signs as their Archie counterparts.
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