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Dimension X


Commander Dask

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Laser Blaster


Commander of the Neutrino Resistance

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Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Dask is the commander of the Neutrino Resistance, along with his friends and subordinates Zak and Kala. Along with his subordinates, he arrived on Earth to capture the Fugitoid in order to keep him from Krang's hands, but the Turtles mistook him for an enemy and a conflict broke out.

When all of them were transported to Dimension X, Dask, the Fugitoid, his subordinates and the Turtles found themselves under heavy fire from Krang's forces. He soon discerned that the Turtles were not enemies and knew nothing of this war, and the two groups became allies.

However, the abduction of the Neutrino Royal family interrupted any attempts to explain what was going on to the Turtles. When Krang demanded the Fugitoid's return in order to keep King Zenter and Queen Gizzla alive, Dask initially took command of the Neutrino forces, but deferred to Princess Tribble. He began planning a diversion in order to allow the Turtles to infiltrate Krang's headquarters. He was horrified when Princess Trib declared her intentions of joining the raid, and attempted to forbid her to come, only to be outranked by her.

He was accompanied by Kala, Michelangelo, Leonardo and the princess on the raid, where they quickly made their way to Krang and the kidnapped royals. He was shot by a stone warrior as he attempted to cover the royal family's escape, but was still well enough to thank the Turtles for their help.

He was present when the Fugitoid later teleported himself and the captive Krang back to Dimension X at the end of the Attack on Technodrome arc.

During the Trial of Krang arc, he was personally sent to escort the Turtles back to Dimension X, When the Malignoid swarm attacked Neutrino, he led the Neutrino forces in repelling them, along with the Turtles.


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