9Dark Beaver Profile
Dark Beaver
Biographical information

Dream Dimension


Dream Infiltration
Dream manipulation
Life absorbing

Weapon(s) of choice

Sharp teeth

Physical description

Dream Beavers

Hair color


Eye color

Black and Red

Out of universe information

2012 TV series

First appearance

In Dreams

Voiced by

John Kassir

Teachers and Students

"I am Dark Beaver. May I eat you? Hehe you look SALTY!"
— Dark speaking to Don

Dark Beaver is one of the Dream Beavers. He has glowing red eyes, dark red fur and a flaming skull symbol on his belly.


In Dreams - He infiltrates Donatello's dream and then the Turtles' shared dream. In Donatello's dream he pursues Donnie and threatens to eat him.


  • The Gary Wright song, "Dream Weaver" is credited by Wes Craven as an inspiration for A Nightmare on Elm Street, a film series where Robert Englund (voice of the Dire and Dread Beavers) played Freddy Krueger, a villain who killed people in their dreams.
  • Dark is the one beaver that most resembles Freddy Krueger, but his fur has the same shade of dark red as Krueger's sweatshirt. Dark also likes to pursue his victims, much like Freddy. Also, the beavers claws are a homage to Krueger's main weapon, but Dark uses them to menace his victims more than the other Beavers.
  • A Dark Beaver action figure will be released by Playmates in 2015.