Dale Evans McGillicutty
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Caucasian with freckles

  • mutant/little girl (TTMNT pg 90)
  • Little Girl (TTMNT pg 96)

"the kid" (issue 16 pg 13)
"that thing" (pg 24)
"little girl" (pg 30)

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no specific date, but she effectively committed suicide by tricking the Turtles into wiping out her mutant self from the timeline, which gradually happened as her memories were erased


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MMMCCC (created her)
Turtles (befriended them)

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John William Carson


Some TMNT stuff really isn't for little kids.

Dale Evans McGillicutty is the name the little girl from TMNT issue 16 (A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Story) gives in issue 22 (The Time Traveler Returns) when she is asked her name by George. She is the daughter of Manda and Bobby McGillicutty. Her trilogy concludes in issue 23 (Totally Hacked!).

She is initially a hyper-intelligent "ugly mutant" (referring to herself as a "genetic misfit"), but builds a time machine in her hideout in the Scooter Produce Company. She then goes back in time (to a Produce Co. Warehouse, which might have been the SPC company in the past) to prevent her mutation from MMMCCC chemicals (the "Intelligence Boosterizer"), and gets transformed back into a precocious 7 year old.

She has a catch phrase of "Holy Achmed!" (and later, "Achmed's Uncle!") she shouts when surprised. This is related to a newspaper clipping at the end of issue 16.

Her home time period is 1995 (at which point there are apparently comics about the TMNT), and she was born in 1988, when the comic was published. When she meets the Turtles for her second time, she has trouble telling them apart (due to all wearing red masks) thinking that Leo is Raph (he corrects her), then that Raph is Mike (he doesn't correct her) and that Mike is Raph (he does).

The only turtle she got right was Donatello. While she hugs all 4 turtles, she does so to Leo with a diving tackle and also gives him a kiss (calling him Leon). Donatello had the critical idea of what to say to her parents to alter the past.

In the third comic when she meets the Fannywhacker she specifies it is a Sunday night.


Details on her age are somewhat inconsistent, confused by the issue of time travel and her non-specific recollection. While descriptions refer to her as a 'seven year old', and she refers to things 'starting' seven years ago, she actually refers to things starting prior to her gaining sentience in the womb, so she may actually measure her age from that point in time and be only 6 by normal standards.

She mentions taking 5 years to make the time machine (which may include or be in addition to 1 year spent being pursued by the government) meaning she left home and survived on her own shortly after her birth, at perhaps only 1-2 years old.

Knowledge, skills and technology

Dale is (or at least, was, while a mutant) one of the most intelligent creatures in the Megaverse. She was given an IQ stat of 87, which equates to an intelligence quotient of 870. She describes herself as having the "greatest intellect on earth".

Even as her intelligence regressed after altering the past, she still retained enough of it to continue operating her time machine, although not as competently. She began to make mistakes like:

  1. going back too far the 'second' time depicted first in the comic (specified in third comic as being due to either 'cube error' or 'miscalculation')
  2. underestimating how long her time machine would last before being destroyed like her cup (initially guessing around 2 hours, she gives her unknown observer an hour to go buy comic books while she meets the Turtles for her second and their first time)
  3. this is predicted by the Science Skwals to be "a few more hours" (actually 24, a solar time unit, one rotation of the planet), a group of beings who initially could not accomplish the feat of time travel they thought impossible until she succeeded, so she was initially smarter than them, but devolved to be less smart
  4. the SS theorized that her cup vanished first because she was drinking (Cowboy) cola out of it
  5. not predicting the ramifications of her alterations 2 million years ago (or to 2 million BC, unclear), which the SocioSkwals managed to do, tricking her

She (and sourcebooks) make references to some of the technology she has invented, which include:

From July/September 1988's A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Story (issue 16)

  • Pg2: Time Machine (a portable "big white cube") she calls the "Time Buggy" (pg 30)
  • Pg19: understands politics, social attitudes, Carson's Monologue, plumbing, wiring, better than the average adult
  • Pg22: builds an elaborate electronics network

From April 1989's Transdimensional TMNT (seventh book in the TMNT RPG series)

  • Pg31: Time Machine Mechanics, Pilot Time Machine
  • Pg32: Cross-Dimensional Piloting and Navigation
  • Pg89: Micro-Twist Time Travel Locator which allowed her to jump back in a 7 year increment, normally can only cover century-long jumps
  • Pg90: can "accurately visualize complete four-dimensional objects" and is "capable of combining the capacities of a cross-dimensional vehicle with the intricacies of temporal folds in the time stream" and was "capable of editing the recent past, changing it in such small, insignificant ways, so as to not disrupt the time"

June 1989's Bill's TV Repair Ser. (issue 22)

  • Pg6: Central Frognosticators and Influential Bullseye Magnet
  • Pg13: Zaz Gun (from George)
  • Pg29: Kraxmatic Adjustable Contour Chair (from infomercial) and Scary Mask

July 1989's Totally Hacked! (issue 23)


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