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New York City, Earth

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Rise of the TMNT

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Hypno! Part Deux!

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Scott Menville

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Dale is one of April O'Neil's classmates and a minor recurring character in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Physical appearance

Dale is a human with fair-toned skin, a bald head, thick eyebrows, black eyes and a pointed nose.

For his civilian outfit, Dale wears a green sweater with a light green torso and dark green sleeves, and bright red pants.

For his homecoming outfit, he wears a purple dress top with a light blue tie, light grey pants, a black belt, light blue socks and black shoes.


Dale is portrayed as an outcast in April's school. He is shown to be somewhat annoying, even to April (his presumed crush), who wants little to do with him. Dale is also eager to become a cool kid to impress Taylor Martin, after being convinced to download the Hippo Crush app.


In "Hypno Part Deux" Dale joins April to sit wit Taylor Martin at the cool kids table during Homecoming.

In the same episode Dale seems have a crush on April. Dale is seen telling April he loves her while still hypnotized and at the end of the episode asking if she would like to be his date for a shindig (slang for party).

Dale makes an appearance in "Mystery Meat". He's the reason why Draxum has an Oozsquito in the kitchen, which he planned on turning him into a cantaloupe mutant.


  • April O'Neil: Dale is shown to be rather friendly with April, and apparently has a crush on her. April, however, doesn't seem to return that affection.


Join us. Disappear with us.

I love you.


  • Dale shares the same voice as Robin from Teen Titans/Teen Titans Go and Actor Sokka from Avatar: the Last Airbender.


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