April O'Neil standing near the DUMP 1000 computer.

DUMP 1000 is a computer in the 1987 TMNT cartoon episode Turtles, Turtles Everywhere. As part of a new computer-controlled garbage program, DUMP 1000 controls the automated recycling center with robotic garbage trucks.[1]

However, the computer's systems were severely disrupted when Shredder placed an override device on its controls, forcing it to obey him. DUMP 1000 was commanded to bring the Turtles to Shredder, but since its intelligence had been severely curtailed by the override device, it brought all turtles to the recycling center rather than just the mutant ones.

When April removed the override device, DUMP 1000 was restored to its full intelligence, and was free to turn on Shredder. Once the villains had fled, it immediately set about returning the various turtles to their homes.


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