Biographical information

Unknown alternative dimension


Superhuman strength

Weapon(s) of choice

Four arms and tail




Battle Nexus

Physical description




Hair color

Pale Blonde

Eye color

Yellow Gold

Out of universe information

2003 TV series

First appearance

The Big Brawl, Part 1

Teachers and Students
D'Jinn is a warrior from another dimension, combatant in the Battle Nexus Tournament, and a friend of Splinter. This character was created for the 2003 animated series.


Where D'Jinn comes from and the name of his people, is unknown. However, it is likely that he was one of the warriors from the dimensional multiverse that has been around for several years, participating for some time in the pan-dimensional fighting tournament in the Battle Nexus .

During the tournaments, at which D'Jinn was involved, he learned that Hamato Yoshi and his rat Splinter took part in succession as competitors in the tournament. Splinter won D'Jinn's respect especially after his great victory against Drako, and the two became friends. When finally Splinter's sons were pulled into the Battle Nexus, after they secretly followed Splinter (who had withheld from them until then the existence of the tournament). D'Jinn was defeated by Splinter in the preliminary round of the tournament. The Ninja Turtles witnessed the fight but did not know it was part of the tournament. After the fight it was D'Jinn who informed the turtles about Splinters history in the Battle Nexus. Since he had recently lost against Splinter in the elimination bout to participate in the tournament, he did not continue on in the Battle Nexus, when finally the Turtles fought their first tournament. His current whereabouts are unknown.

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