Cynthia Utrom is an executive at T.C.R.I. and the overarching antagonist of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem.

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At the start of the film, Cynthia Utrom sent a squad of shock-troop mercenaries on her behalf to retrieve stolen equipment from the home of the former head of Genetic Science at T.C.R.I., Baxter Stockman. Harboring an actual mutant in his basement laboratory, being the infant Superfly as Stockman plans to create a mutant family of his own. Disappointed with Stockman being killed in an explosion, she then ordered the squadron to retrieve instead all of his remaining notes and experiments from the remains of his once home made laboratory.

Fifteen years since that night, Cynthia continues to look for answers about Stockman's creations and stumbles upon reports on a criminal dubbed "Superfly". Piecing the fact that it was the same mutant that Stockman fathered when he was an infant. After the Ninja Turtles failed to stop Superfly and his gang from taking the remaining parts for his machine, she sends out the same shock-troop to apprehend the four brothers and taking them back to T.C.R.I..

As the four brothers awoke at the building, Cynthia extracted their mutagen through a "milking machine" that traumatizes the quartet on their phobia of being milked coming true. With the help of their adopted father, Splinter and their human friend April O'Neil, the Turtles were freed from their captivity of T.C.R.I. and ventured forth to stop Superfly's goal of mutating all of Earth's creatures and enslaving the human race.

Cynthia later retrieved the demutated Superfly and brought him back to T.C.R.I. headquarters. Annoyed with the Turtles now being accepted as equals to the human population, she later hires the Shredder to finish her work.


  • Because her last name is Utrom, it may hint that she might be an Utrom, particularly Krang, or have some other connection to the Utrom species.
    • Additionally, her attire grants her a resemblance to Krang's original android body.
    • The end credits imply she has an association with the Shredder, who is often shown allying with Krang througth TMNT media.
  • In the film, Cynthia Utrom speaks with a German accent.

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