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Tempus Fugit, data reconfigured from Viral

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February 28, 2008



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Rise Turtles... rise and be destroyed!!!

The Cyber Shredder is a cybernetic awakened-to-life engram of the Utrom Shredder, Ch'rell. It is the ultimate computer program and the main antagonist of the Ninja Turtles in the Back to the Sewer-season of the 2003 animated series, for which it was specially created. It is one of five incarnations of the Shredder in the series. Though it is essentially a copy of Ch'rell, it at first seems to be unwilling to work with its original self or the Demon Shredder, as the three of them engage each other in combat. They eventually join forces to defeat the Turtles and Splinter.


The Cyber ​​Shredder started life as a computer file; as a contingency plan in the event of his demise, the Utrom renegade Ch'rell created a cybernetic engram copy of himself using a combination of Utrom technology and Earth machinery. This copy contained a full download of his personality with a Shredder design, which could be brought to life just in case anything happened to his corporeal form. However, this did not happen, and the program remained unnoticed in the database of the Foot Clan, locked in a data vault. This changed when the living computer virus Viral, who was looking for aid, came across the vault and tried to access it. However, when she tried to tap into the files it contains, she triggered its defense measures and the engram infected her, reformatting her into a vessel for the Cyber Shredder.

Prior to her "demise", however, Viral took the Turtles, Splinter and Serling to a point in the near future when Cyber Shredder battles the Utrom Shredder and the Tengu Shredder in a war amongst the Foot Clan. He is able to slice into Serling and the Utrom Shredder's armor. He eventually joins force with the other two Shredder's to attack Splinter and the Turtles. He ends up getting blasted by Donatello when he gets inside Serling's Turtle X mode.Tempus Fugit

Now awakened to life and in possession of Viral's skills, the Cyber ​​Shredder could not leave cyberspace on his own. Therefore the Cyber Shredder contacted Master Khan, a devoted Foot operative who had taken control of the New York Foot Clan, to have his aid in finding a way to leave cyberspace so as to conquer New York. Karate Schooled

The Cyber Shredder first encountered the Turtles in the cyber realm. He was unaware of his corporeal form's exile. When they escaped him, he learned that the Turtles were looking for their Master Splinter, which Viral had recently broken down into data bits, and he saw that they had built a cyber portal to restore their father, which would be his ticket out of cyber space. Something Wicked

When Hun and his Purple Dragons began raiding Foot treasure vaults with use of advanced technologies, Cyber Shredder became suspicious, as such plans were beyond Hun. He established a link at Dragon HQ and learned that Baxter Stockman, in a new cyborg body, has been hacking the Foot database. Cyber Shredder realized Stockman’s cyborg body could be a means for him to escape cyber space. Shredder remotely took over Stockman's body and made a few adjustments to resemble his appearance in cyber space. Augmenting Stockman's body with power gauntlets, Cyber Shredder proceeded to wreck Dragon HQ and was very pleased when the Turtles, excluding Donatello, showed up. However Stockman ejected his head and made an alliance with the Turtles to disrupt the Shredder's control. Donatello got into Cyber Shredder’s base, taking away his control. Hacking Stockman

Cyber Shredder later formulated a plan to make the Turtles serve him. While they were in cyberspace, locating a cluster of Splinter's data bits, he sent a virus to brainwash them into thinking that they were his loyal Foot Ninja, and commanded them to take down the Purple Dragons. Though Casey Jones, April O'Neil and Serling were able to awaken their latent memories, restoring them to their true selves, the Shredder had extracted enough information from Donatello to create his own cyber portal into reality. Identity Crisis.

Once the portal was complete on both ends, Cyber Shredder needed to make sure it worked completely he tested it using virtual animals from a nature website, sending them into reality so that he could tune it properly. However each time an animal came out, it mutated, as it was still part data, and subsequently wrought havoc in the city. Cyber Shredder eventually perfected the portal, sending a non-mutated chipmunk. When the Shredder sent in a copy of Khan, it proved to be entirely material, confirming that the portal was stable. The Shredder then began his upload into the real world. The Turtles realized what Cyber Shredder was up to and while Leonardo and Raphael headed to where he planned to emerge, Donatello and Michelangelo went into cyber space to deal with him. Luckily, Don sabotaged his cyber portal, while he was uploading himself to the real world. This caused him to come out mutated and partially digital, allowing the Turtles' dart blasters to send him back to cyber space. He then reappeared in cyberspace, vowing to make his enemies part of his exodus. Web Wranglers

Later, Cyber Shredder managed to trick the Turtles into believing they were in the real world, when they were still in cyber space. This allowed him to spy on Donatello while he repaired the cyber portal, which Cyber Shredder made him believe had melted down. Khan and the Foot copied his work, building another cyber portal, but Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael noticed strange things were going on. They figured out what Cyber Shredder was doing and stopped Donatello from completing the cyber portal. However Cyber Shredder used a spy bug to take a sample of the energy from the Turtles portal. This was all Khan and the Foot needed to finish their cyber portal, allowing Cyber Shredder to enter the real world.Virtual Reality Check.

Using his knowledge of cyberspace, Cyber Shredder hacked into New York’s central hub, taking control of all the systems in the city. The Turtles managed to find out what he was doing and entered the hub to try and undo what he’d done before it became permanent. Cyber Shredder attempted to use the city’s systems against the Turtles, but they managed to arrive at the hub and were shocked to find Cyber Shredder in physical form. Donatello and April managed to free the city from Cyber Shredder’s control, but the Turtles were unable to beat him in combat. However Michelangelo used the same trick Splinter used against the Utrom Shredder in the first battle, tricking Cyber Shredder into cutting the catwalk they were on. As a result, he fell onto an electrode, damaging his body, but his digital core was unharmed. Cyber Shredder’s gauntlet pierced a wire, allowing him to return to cyber space and the energy he absorbed as a result of the electrical surge made him stronger than ever.City Under Siege

In Wedding Bells and Bytes the Cyber Shredder returned. Cyber Shredder succeeded in infecting one of the last of Splinter's data bytes with a virus, before the Turtles could get it. After they converted Splinter back into matter, Cyber Shredder used it as a homing beacon that he used to track them; when Donatello managed to reconstitute Splinter, the Cyber Shredder received the information to the process which allowed him to duplicate the process on himself. Fully restored to physical form, Cyber Shredder, Khan and the Foot Clan found them at April and Casey's wedding, which was taking place at Casey’s grandmother's farmhouse, before launching a full attack on the Turtles and wedding guests. In the fight, Cyber Shredder attempted to kill their friends by bringing the barn down on them, but they managed to escape before they were killed. However Donatello extracted the homing beacon from Splinter, using it to get a sample of Cyber Shredder’s digital core. As he had taken over a large part of his core design from Viral, Cyber Shredder was destroyed by Don and Turtle X with the same de-compiling blast which had destroyed Viral, seemingly bringing an end to Cyber Shredder again and possibly preventing the future where the three Shredders battled.

Powers and Abilities

As a cybernetic engram merged with Viral, Cyber ​​Shredder is able to hack into the networking lines of cyberspace and, where appropriate, to refer from this information and upgrades. Since he is a digital being, Cyber Shredder is able to travel through and control cyberspace; he could also infect different computer software. Moreover, he has a number of abilities in that realm, such as shape changing or manipulation of virtual scenarios, and the only limits are the restrictions produced by the outside world. Due to being a engram of the Utrom Shredder, Cyber Shredder possesses a good deal of cunning and fighting skill, mainly utilizing his bladed gauntlets in combat.

As a physical entity, Cyber ​​Shredder has superhuman strength and reflexes, which he improved by selective programming and information upgrades. He still possesses some of his cybernetic manipulation skills, but their exact capacity remains unknown. He can also extend his arms and claws, even using his left claw to create a forcefield around himself, as well as projecting a blast of cybernetic energy strong enough to knock the Turtles off their feet.



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