Shredder 1994 Cyber Samurai figure
The Titanium Turtle Tearin’ Titan!

Shredder’s Cyber Accessories: Anti-Turtle Removable Metalized Chest Plate, Cyber Samurai Spear, Spring Launchin’ Shreddin’ Fists, Spring Powered Anti-Metal Missile

This laser loaded leader leaps into a world yet born to guarantee the annihilation of all who stand in his way. That’s right, kids, Cyber Samurai Shredder is still one bad attitude dude. Don’t bother looking under that futuristic chest plate – you’ll find the same sinister sicko you’ve come to know and hate. The only difference is, in the future, Shredder gets cyberized! It’s a time when massive Mutant machines rule – and Shredder’s cyber suit is the biggest and baddest of them all. Just look at his Cyber Samurai spear, a laser-guided titanium Turtle circuit skewer. And if any Turtle dares to come within range, Shredder will let ‘em have it with one of his spring launchin’ shreddin’ fists; one whack is all it takes to send any Cyber Samurai Turtle into the next century. So you better hope and you better beg that the Turtles will come out on top – or the future will be one shredfest!

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